THC Juul Pods: Make Them and Prefills


Juul was initially produced for vaping nicotine e Liquid, not for working with THC and CBD pods. Nonetheless, practically all technologies utilised in THC and CBD cartridges is borrowed from eCigs and e Liquid, so why not use your Juul to blaze? One particular purpose not to is there are greater vape systems, but several nevertheless like to hit the Juul for THC, so we will go by means of how to refill it oneself and the organizations that are producing prefilled THC Juul pods.

Our post is inspired by an original post from BeyondThePod and we adapted the techniques for use with THC and CBD oil.

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This guide covers how to make a THC Juul Pod. It is a very simple approach to place weed in Juul pod when you break it down and anyone can do it. We will go by means of step by step how to fill up a Juul pod with THC or CBD oil. This approach can be utilised to refill an current nicotine Juul pod you have our filling up one thing like the Hempod that is an empty, Juul compatible pod.

Only a couple of simple products are necessary to develop a THC Juul Pod:

  • Thin flat head screwdriver or knife
  • THC oil or CBD e Liquid in a syringe (you can make it as well, explained under)
  • Made use of Juul pod or an empty replacement pod

If you are undertaking CBD make confident to use CBD e Liquid not tincture! CBD tinctures you take orally are not meant to be vaped and CBD e Liquids are not meant to be taken orally. See these examples of CBD e Liquid and this instance of CBD tincture.

You can also replace the cotton in the mouthpiece, but this step is not needed and one thing we commonly would not do. See BeyondThePod’s above talked about post for that step if you want to comprehensive the step. It is not a important step to replace the oil, but some people today could like the new cotton on in the mouthpiece.

Step 1: Get a liquid concentrate or make some

A W Vapes syringe is a terrific option for CO2 Oil.

Go to the subsequent step if you currently have a liquid concentrate like CO2 oil or distillate prepared to go. If you need to have to make THC e liquid, see our guide on how to make your personal oil pen. The exact same approach of producing THC e liquid can be utilised to make liquid for your THC Juul pod.

Step two: Take off the plastic best of your Juul pod

If you have bought empty pods you can skip this step. Most pods that come empty do not have the mouthpiece attached. Making use of a screwdriver as shown above, unlock the mouthpiece. You can do it on each sides, but if you get 1 side off it should really nevertheless come off. After unlocked, grab the base of the Juul pod with 1 hand and the mouthpiece with the other and wiggle it off all the way and it should really appear like the under image.

Step three: Open your Juul pod with a flat screwdriver or knife

On the side of your Juul pod you will see exactly where the cap produced to hold juice in meets the edge. There are two approaches to get it out. The quick way is dip it in with a compact flathead screwdriver as shown under. Some empty pods might also come with this best off, in which case you can skip this step.

Then pull the screwdriver out with it tilted so it pulls out the mouth piece. The second approach entails working with a knife on the edge. It is far more complicated but should really function as properly. You can even reduce into the rubber slightly with the knife to pull it out working with the tip and the reduce as a way to grab the rubber. A knife that does not bend simply is encouraged.

Your Juul pod should really appear like the above when the cap is removed. It is prepared to get filled with THC or CBD oil.

Step four: Fill your Juul pod with THC or CBD oil

thc juul pod fill
Nearly carried out following filling the THC oil into the Juul pod

Get your THC or CBD oil syringe and unload it into the empty pod. Fill it to 80% capacity and that should really leave sufficient space for the rubber best when you place it back on.

Step five: Reinsert the rubber plug and pop on the mouthpiece

Pop on the rubber plug and make confident that it has a tight match. If the airflow is not tight it might not hit properly or activate the Juul battery to hit at all.

The pod on the left in the above photo shows what it should really appear like with the plug on. The pod on the ideal is a completed and prepared to vape THC Juul pod.

Re working with Juul pods for THC is not our best option, or even a encouraged 1

At DabConnection we are not massive fans of the Pax Era due to the fact it is wicked and you will obtain that most of the Juul pods out there for THC are also wicked. By wicked, we imply it hits off a cotton wick as an alternative of a ceramic core. See our Hempod assessment or skip straight to the breakdown of the hardware. Then you will see why we do not suggest these as the ideal way to vape THC or CBD. There are some ceramic core choices out there as properly and these might offer a greater knowledge.

An empty replacement pod is nevertheless greater than refilling

When you refill a Juul pod there is nevertheless left more than nicotine in it. There are empty pod systems out there and even though we have only attempted a couple of, we have study comments on forums that the J Pods are decent. Ar $12.99 for a four pack it is more affordable than CCELL hardware.

This list will continue to develop as far more THC Juul pods are produced. We will also be adding evaluations to the a variety of prefilled pods as we get our hands on them.

Bare Extracts is relatively properly identified as a item about California, but we could not obtain any definitive info for this brand. Their items are listed as as brand on Weedmaps and it seems to be related with the BARE market clothes brand, but we could not obtain an official site on the pods. They are also referred to as “Bare x J Pods” signfiying the J Pod, Juul compatible hardware they use.

Our reviewer Javier has attempted Bare pods and stated they have been weak. Seeking across Weedmaps evaluations, most of their pods are scoring in the two star variety, which means most customers are not happy with Bare pods. They also discontinued Bare Go Pods which do not appear to be out there anyplace any longer.

With not a entire lot of optimistic evaluations on Bare pods, you could be disappointed.

Kushie Brand is a reputable California primarily based cannabis brand that tends to make Kushie Gold pods. They have been featured in the Vice post about THC Juul Pods. Although they are compatible with Juul, Kushie also has it is personal battery released that operates with its pods and other Juul pods, and it has the Kushie logo on it.


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