How to Win a Hempire Cup


Not to brag but I’ve won pretty a couple of Hempire Cups:

So it is protected to say I’m far more than a fantastic supply for this kind of intel ideal!?! And these are just the ones that I could locate the screenshots of. Most lately my new strain is One particular Really like:

One particular Really like

Which appears just beautiful expanding in my greenhouse

On taking a closer appear do not sit there and judge me for only obtaining two diamonds. I just completed winning the final Hempire Cup which gets me began on how to win 1.

The truth is you have to actually want and think you can win in order to basically win. Soon after winning and losing a ton of occasions I do think I have come up with a complete proof strategy to victory and step 1 starts way ahead of you ever enter the Hempire Cup. It starts in the greenhouse.

Step 1: Level Up Your Seeds

Yes, all day I go in and out the game just to breed my seeds simply because you want to breed your Hempire Cup strain with the seeds you currently have. Frequent sense comes into play right here in that the stronger the seeds the stronger the breed, you know?!? If you are a new player, verify out these: strategies and tricks, simply because you have a ton of function to do.

Step two: Start off on Time

The Cup plays for 48 hours from the hours of 1pm-1pm Central Time (CT). Personally I have never ever come from behind and won a Cup. To win you want to be there at 1pm on the dot and commence breeding your 1st seed.

You get 18 seeds to commence with. Which is no exactly where close to adequate to win. Which also suggests at 1pm you jump on Weed on Wheels, the only spot you are going to get far more of your Hempire Cup strains seeds. You are going to have to at least attain levels 13-16 on Weed on Wheels to win based on which Cup you are in and which level you are at the moment at. Each and every level gets tougher which means in the 1st couple of you can win by only reaching level 13 on Weed on Wheels.

The purpose is to get on top rated and keep on top rated from the commence. Trust me.

Step three You want at least 1 Epic Seed

Yes you do and you can either obtain 1 for diamonds right here in the industrial location of Hempire:

Or you can earn 1 by finishing City Hall Quest right here:

The epic seed is the final 1 you breed with. For the duration of the Hempire Cup there are levels you want to attain ahead of you can actually kill it with your epic seed. The very first level becoming 300, then 700, 1000 and lastly 2000. You want to make each and every seed count so you never ever use your epic seed till you have leveled up your Hempire strain to at least 2000.

If you actually want to win and comply with these three easy guidelines you have got a fantastic opportunity of winning the Hempire Cup.

In other news Hempire could possibly also quickly be providing their Hempire Cup champs actual Cups when they win as well:

Verify out all the facts on that from the direct supply : The Hempire Game

Hope these strategies enable you out! And very good luck on your subsequent Hempire Cup!


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