If you are a cannabis customer, it is time to lay down the vape pen and cease chewing tasty edibles. Alternatively, choose up your telephone if you want to see smokable, legal marijuana in Florida. The time has come for you to demand the Florida Legislature adopt guidelines following the passage of Amendment two in 2016. It is now 2019, and the most current efforts in a variety of legislative committees seem to be going nowhere. As I go over in this podcast with professional John Thompson, the answer to the straightforward query, “Hey Florida Legislature, how’s that legalization point going,” draws a damaging response. 

The will of the folks will have to be taken up with the Florida Property of Representatives and the Florida Senate. It is straightforward – click right here, which will give you guidelines on how to get in touch with each your Representative in the Property, as properly as your Senator. Be polite and inform them you want action on Senate Bill 182 so that Governor Ron DeSantis can sign legislation legalizing smokable marijuana. Right here are hints about how to have a productive, respective telephone contact with your legislator’s workplace.

Inform your legislator, “We did our job by voting overwhelmingly to legalize healthcare marijuana, such as the potential to smoke it. Now, it is time the Florida Legislature does it is job, or face the consequences come election time. I smoke pot, and I vote.”

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