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CBD Oil Review rates The Vital Leaf Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Mission Badges.

Vital Leaf: 60-Second Summary

This may be a case where numbers are deceiving. Vital Leaf may have only notched two of our badges, but by all appearances, the company seems passionate, goal-driven, and honest. Founded by an artisan chef, the CBD edibles the company specializes in all sound like a dream, and the ingredients going into the chocolate bars—as well as the rest of the company’s varied inventory—are all organic and ethically sourced, including its cannabidiol. As for the missing accolades, it seems mostly a case of missing paperwork, but the proof, in this case, may be in the pudding. (Or the chocolate.)


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Vital Leaf Brand Review

Vital Leaf was founded by artisan chef Christina Sasser, who blended together her dual love of food and wellness to create a company dedicated to offering the best of both worlds.

The company is a big believer in the “plant-forward” approach, purposely mixing its cannabidiol with other natural ingredients—and purposely steering away from processed items like refined sugars and sweeteners, artificial flavors and colorings, and common allergens—to ensure the CBD oil has the most potent effect possible.

A supporter of the regenerative farming effort, the company partners with a cadre of fellow Oregon-based growing operations, which utilize organic and restorative practices to deliver their cannabidiol-rich hemp crops. And we love that it’s not just Vital Leaf’s CBD that’s ethically sourced, but the rest of its stable of ingredients, which include everything from decadent dark chocolate to soothing shea butter to crunchy quinoa.

And those ingredients combine to create a number of different products for the company, including several types of CBD edibles, cannabidiol capsules, a CBD oil skincare line, and a range of CBD oil tinctures.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, each ingredient list is stocked with all-natural items only, and even Vital Leaf’s line of CBD skin balms are made from elements that sound good enough to eat. Prices on the full-spectrum cannabidiol products are very reasonable, ranging from $15 for a bar of chocolate to $69 for the company’s most potent bottle of CBD oil capsules.

We appreciate, too, that Vital Leaf offers some results from its third-party lab tests—including records from its backlog of previous batches—though, the company just misses earning our safety badge as the only portion of the results it shares is the page accounting for the levels of CBD and THC in its products. (For what it’s worth, these numbers all check out.)

Bottom line: Vital Leaf has all the vital ingredients for a trustworthy cannabidiol company, we’re just barely missing seeing them all written out. It’s apparent that the company has its products tested for more than just CBD and THC levels, but unfortunately, that’s the only sliver of the results that are shared, and we simply can’t award our all-important safety badge without being assured that residual solvents and heavy metals aren’t involved in the CBD oil. However, we admire the company’s passion for its product and dedication to sourcing quality ingredients all around.

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Badges For Vital Leaf

Vital Leaf ReviewQuality Verified

Vital Leaf utilizes the supercritical CO2 extraction method to produce its CBD oil, which comes from hemp grown on organic farms in the company’s native Oregon.Vital Leaf Review

Vital Leaf ReviewMission Verified

Vital Leaf is passionate about the power of cananbidiol—but that’s not all. The company extends that embrace of nature to its entire ethos: Each product on its shelves is made from a bundle of ingredients which are sustainably and ethically sourced, to ensure that positive change is visited not just upon those consuming the products, but those helping create them.



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Vital Leaf

Vital Leaf Review