Clear Alternative Fave Distributors Highlight: Hellavated Pax Period Pods


One of many massive upsides of the Inexperienced Revolution is the way in which know-how is altering (and even enhancing!) how we get pleasure from cannabis. This week, we’re going to take a deep dive with Hellavated, an progressive and forward-looking firm producing pods for the Pax Period system.

Hellavated 2

The Pax Period, in the event you’re not conscious, is a modern and revolutionary pen-and-pod system for having fun with cannabis extracts. Described by some as “the Apple of vaping,” Pax produces high-design (no pun supposed), light-weight and simple-to-use vape pens. The cannabis extract or oil is available in a “pod,” not in contrast to Keurig-style espresso techniques. All it’s important to do is inhale, and the temperature and airflow-controlled gadget takes care of the remaining.

Pax permits third-party producers to supply customized pods for its modern little pens, and that’s the place Hellavated is available in. We love the corporate’s dedication to purity, taste, and progressive and ecologically sound values.

Hellavated Hashish Oil Pods for Pax Period

Hellavated pax vape with pod

The Hellavated model is based on the concept that the cannabis business calls for a forward-looking, eco-friendly and progressive focus. Their CO2 oils are produced in small craft-size batches.

Hellavated describes their extraction course of as “full-spectrum.” Which means that the process preserves all of the cannabinoids and terpenes—the “energetic substances” in cannabis—so that you just get all the advantages of the plant with every puff. It’s a part of a holistic focus that basically resonates with plant folks like us! Evidently, Hellavated by no means makes use of any components, chopping brokers, flavorings or colorings.

Let’s take a better take a look at a few of their hottest merchandise. As at all times, as a result of our inventory modifications to often, in the event you’re in search of a selected product, it’s a good suggestion to test our dwell menu earlier than you pop by the dispensary.

Hellavated Blueberry Dream

Blueberry Dream is among the firm’s hottest choices. The THC content material clocks in at a really potent 87%, with only a smidge of CBD at 0.86%. You’ll sense a vibrant and juicy blueberry taste and aroma; the cerebral results have a tendency in the direction of sativa. It’s an amazing name for if you need to really feel relaxed and calm (however stay centered and energetic).

Hellavated Mango Dragon

This pod displays a robust tropical and mango taste. It’s crafted from a potent hybrid mix (81% THC and .23% CBD) that brings centered, uplifting, and galvanizing cerebral results. The excessive THC content material will steadiness this with psychological and bodily leisure, making for a most gratifying general excessive.

Hellavated OG Mint

As you may think, this formulation is invigoratingly minty! With a THC content material of 75% and 0.58% CBD, this hybrid mix is designed to supply a discreet pick-me-up all through your day. The main target is on creativeness sparking the inventive juices whereas providing some serene introspection as effectively.

Must seize some extra pods for your loved one Pax? Cease by Clear Alternative in Tacoma or Bremerton, or take a look at our on-line menus to see what we’ve in inventory! We all know you’ll discover one thing you’ll love!


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