Rubicon is a strain a single can rely on through a tough time, riddled by psychological distress and physical pains. It has impressive CBD levels that operate its way up to 9%, giving individuals with comfort against a myriad of maladies. Additionally, it is substantially a lot more scrumptious and just as powerful as OTC or prescription medicine.

Its history is shrouded in mystery, however it remains a force to be trifled with. The CBD-enriched strain additional caught the focus of on-lookers when it won the award for Very best CBD Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup.

It remains a pleasant recreational smoke. Its psychoactive effects are mild and will not interfere with operate or productivity. In truth, it may perhaps even increase it. Its clarifying buzz creates space for fresh perspectives that pique the interest, prolonging one’s focus toward the project, process, or chore at hand.

Our Rubicon Strain Assessment

Facts About Rubicon Strain

ORIGIN Unknown
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Delighted – 9
Uplifted – five
Focused – 1
Hungry – 1
FRAGRANCE Earthy, herbal, sage, floral
FLAVORS Herbal, sage, earthy, floral
Dry eyes – four
Anxious – 1
Health-related Discomfort -10
Tension – 10
Inflammation – 10
Eye stress – eight
Fatigue – two
FLOWERING TIME INDOOR eight to 10 weeks
FLOWERING TIME Outside Mid to late October
THC Content material % five% to 9%
CBD % five% to 9%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 14 ounces per square meter
Outside YIELD 14 ounces or a lot more per plant
CLIMATE Temperate climate
Development LEVEL Unknown
RESISTANCE TO Illness Unknown

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Rubicon is not a potent strain. Its THC levels typical
in between five% to 9%. Counteracted by the
higher levels of CBD, the psychoactive higher morphs into a non-overwhelming buzz
that uplifts the mood but keeps customers grounded.

Rubicon Strain Effects
Rubicon Strain Effects – Image powered by weedist.com

Gentle as it is,
its effects commonly do not smack enthusiasts with a head-slamming higher. Alternatively,
it is a lightheartedness that leaves customers feeling pleased as it continues to clear
the thoughts. Casual customers will locate that it has the capacity to improve concentrate
sharpening the senses and amplifying focus to little specifics.

The mental stimulation, as nicely as the made use of power, can often make customers hungry. As such, it would be most effective to have some snacks about so a single can continue going by way of tasks without having having distracted. Most of the time, even though, customers only really feel the continuous flow of tranquility in the physique that releases the physique from anxiety.

No doubt, Rubicon is most effective made use of as a wake and bake strain or an finish-of-day relaxation.

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Rubicon exudes a powerful earthy aroma. Hints of herbs such as sage improve the scent of wet soil. Breaking apart and combusting the buds reveals a floral undertone.


Coating the palate is the herbal taste of sage. It is smooth to the throat, locating its methods into the lungs and expanding it with its refreshing smoke. On the exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of damp earth with floral hints.

Adverse reactions

As cannabinoids start to inhibit moisture production, customers will most most likely really feel the eyes and mouth dry out. This is common in marijuana use and seasoned customers normally ignore the arid spell. Novices, nonetheless, may perhaps want to have some water prepared because it tends to final for hours. Though uncommon, it is also probable for customers to really feel a small anxious whilst smoking Rubicon. It is commonly the outcome of overconsumption but one’s disposition prior to the higher could be a element as well. As such, toke the bud in moderation and retain away when in a terrible mood.


Wealthy in cannabidiol,
Rubicon comes with a number of therapeutic positive aspects. It binds with the body’s
endocannabinoid method to provide a restorative head and physique higher,
effectively enhancing one’s disposition.

Rubicon Strain Medical
Rubicon Strain Health-related – Image powered by leafly.com

Ahead of something else, it reduces anxiety and removes any worries that occupy the thoughts. It instills an innate sense of happiness to replace the negativity that overwhelms customers with feelings of hopelessness and despair. As such, it could also be made use of to handle symptoms of mental well being challenges such as depression, anxiousness, and PTSD.

It also reduces stress from behind the eyes. Mainly because of this, it would operate completely against symptoms of glaucoma such as intraocular stress, eye discomfort, headaches or migraines, and nausea. Its anti-inflammatory properties, as nicely as muscle-relaxing skills, cut down swelling and avoid contractions that characterize cramps, inflammations, and arthritis.


Presently, Rubicon
is not sold in dispensaries. The Green Remedy has selected to invoke its
proprietary correct on the sale of the hybrid’s seeds. Understandably so, the
CBD-enriched strain needs the hands of an professional, so it churns out the similar
chemical profile for each and every batch with small to no deviation.

Rubicon Strain Growing
Rubicon Strain Expanding – Image powered by leafly.com

Nonetheless, it is probable to discover its developing patterns primarily based. The half-and-half hybrid most most likely exhibits each Indica and Sativa traits. Its buds, for instance, appear fluffy but are in fact rather dense. It has no definite shape either, some appear like compact popcorns whilst other people appear taper on a single or each ends. As for its structure, it is most likely to be reasonably tall with slightly broad leaves that cover the plant.

Due to its medicinal nature, it is most likely that the strain is largely grown indoors exactly where breeders have complete handle of the atmosphere. This is not to say it will not develop nicely outdoors. Rather, it may perhaps be a small difficult, requiring some additional care and focus in particular due to the unpredictability of the climate.

When mature, it produces buds with a forest green hue and golden hairs. It has a light sprinkle of sugar. Even improved, it exudes an enticing aroma that not only tantalizes customers, but also have a good impact on the senses.

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Flowering Time

Soon after flowering for eight to 10 weeks, Rubicon will flower in between 12 to 14 ounces of buds per square meter.

Rubicon’s flowers commonly mature about the middle of October up to the final week of the similar month. Growers can anticipate at least 14 ounces of buds per plant as soon as prepared for harvest.

Have you ever smoked or grown your personal Rubicon? Please let me know what you believe about this marijuana strain in the comments beneath.


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