Bubbashine Cannabis Strain (2019 Review)


The history of most marijuana strains is usually very well documented – a detailed chronology of not just its direct parent strains, but also its exact breeders.

However, despite all the effort that goes into monitoring and keeping up with different strains, there are still some that manage to utterly slip through the net and remain a bit of a mystery.

Sometimes this is because the exact genetics are lost; other times, it’s because the strain in question has fallen out of favor, meaning we do know its parents, yet don’t understand the strain itself.

The Bubbashine strain is an example of the latter case – with detailed information about its parents being readily available, yet with almost no information on the strain itself.

So, let’s take a look at the Bubbashine strain and rediscover just what, exactly, it is like.

What is the Bubbashine Strain?

The Bubbashine strain of weed is an indica strain that was originally created using Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine, all in an effort to cultivate a stronger and more potent indica with the flavor profile of both of its parents.

The combination of the effects of both of its parents is very noticeable in this surprisingly intense indica. Its primary parent, Bubba Kush, is well known for both its Kush flavor and typical effects, and for its instantaneous tranquilizing effects. However, Blue Moonshine provides an alternative effect, with a strong and flowing body high that seems to both uplift and relax at the same time.

Combining these two strains should create something that is rather at odds with itself. But somehow, the Bubbashine strain manages to make it work.

The first effects you will notice after imbibing some Bubbashine is a gently crashing wave of relaxation and serenity, similar in intensity to drinking a very strong cup of valerian root tea.

It doesn’t knock you over, but you can certainly notice the intensely relaxing effects, especially if you try and close your eyes as you will quickly realize that you will have great difficulty in trying to open them again.

After this initial wave of relaxation, you can expect to feel a sudden rush of exuberant joy. In place of whatever emotion you were feeling just before you tried Bubbashine, you will instead feel intense happiness that simply will not go away.

This is also accompanied by a rhythmic beating of warmth and peacefulness that will move throughout your body, continuously warming and encouraging you to smile throughout the surprisingly lengthy high of this strain.

After a short while, this intensity will start to abate, to be replaced with a deep longing for your pillow, filling you with the desire to sleep peacefully and for a very long time.

However, instead of sleeping the entire day away, you will wake up after a regular night’s sleep feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day, making this strain perfect not just for enjoyment, but for those troublesome bouts of insomnia.

This pleasant mix of peaceful slumber and undulating waves of happiness make this strain perfect for regular use. Who doesn’t enjoy substantial mood uplifts whenever they can get them?

What about its flavor and aroma, however? Does the Bubbashine strain have a taste worthy of its effects?


When you cross two very different strains together, you are often left with an intensely muddled and confusing aroma profile; sometimes it smells like one of its parents, and then other times it may smell like the other.

The Bubbashine marijuana strain is made from Bubba Kush – which is a predominantly earthy smelling strain – and Blue Moonshine which, as the name would imply, is primarily tinged with blueberries. With Bubbashine, the smell is sort of both of its parents at once.

On first sighting your Bubbashine, you will get that initial whiff of earthiness and general dankness, with a small underlying layer of sweetness. However, as you get closer and start to get your hands on the bud, the smell deepens into a rich, subtly sweet blueberry profile, always with that background tinge of rich earth.

As the buds are ground, this same smell only deepens, giving you a powerful olfactory memory of a wild blueberry bush in the middle of the forest – serene dankness, with the sweetness of fresh, unspoiled blueberries constantly wafting under your nose.

What about the actual taste of Bubbashine, though? Does it have that same intensity?


As you finish grinding your Bubbashine and start actually to smoke it, you might expect the same intense aroma to hit your tongue in the exact same way.

However, the flavor itself is a lot deeper and richer than you would initially expect. The initial wave is one of the rich, vibrantly flavorful blueberries, but it is undercut with a brilliant freshness that reminds you of a crisp, cool afternoon on a farm somewhere with wonderful weather.

The flavor is quite similar to its aroma, but it is far more noticeable and immediately recognizable on the tongue – you can almost imagine the feeling and flavor of your tongue pressed up against the forest floor, dotted with wild, recently dropped blueberries and an overwhelming sensation of freshness and sweetness.

What about its actual appearance? Does it look as attractive as it tastes?


As Bubbashine is made from both Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine, it would make sense that the majority of its looks comes from its parents.

The bud structure itself is incredibly dense and close-packed, looking like a tightly wadded bundle of cash that is just waiting to explode into your hands.

There is a pretty typical covering of trichomes, though they aren’t as noticeable as with other, similarly potent strains. Instead, you can tell their potency by the variety of different colors, usually purple and orange, that is hidden within the confines of this dense bud.

Both of its parents share a tendency to feel particularly resinous, so expect to feel like this strain is coated in a fine film of wax or pine tar, and for it to look remarkably sticky as well.

The best way to see this strangely iridescent and faintly sticky strain is to try and grow some yourself, so what kind of special growing advice do you need to be able to grow your own Bubbashine?

Bubbashine Strain Grow Info

Both of Bubbashine’s parents are surprisingly simple to grow yourself, so it makes sense that this strain is also a very decent strain for beginners to try their hands at growing for the first time.

Bubbashine strain seeds are pretty easy to come across, though for an even better chance, try to buy them from a grower that also stocks Blue Moonshine and Bubba Kush to help ensure they have what you are looking for.

As with most other indica varieties, Bubbashine tends to grow quite short, with a thick and bushy appearance that can sometimes make trying to manage it quite difficult. To help cope with this, you need to endeavor to be constantly trimming and pruning the branches closer to the ground, in an effort to help encourage lateral movement.

If you let your Bubbashine grow on its own, it will tend to choke itself in too much growth, making it difficult to get a sizeable yield out of it.

With a pretty typical 8-week flowering time, this strain grows quite unexceptionally. It can survive either indoors or outside, so long as the temperature is kept in that comfortable range of between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only other thing you need to keep in mind is that, due to its signature intensity and purple flavor and appearance, you need to make sure that you are properly curing your harvested Bubbashine bud for about a week before you even think of considering it done.

If you don’t, this strain can tend to develop unpleasant mold that taints the flavor and aroma, which would be a huge shame with such a flavorful strain.

If you keep it well dried, cured properly and stored in a suitable container, you should find yourself with a huge quantity of this pleasant and useful bud, as it provides an exceptionally strong harvest if you care for it properly.

What about the actual cannabinoid content, however? It is all well and good knowing that this strain is effective and tasty, but what are the actual proportions of cannabinoids within the Bubbashine bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

Bubbashine cannabis is well known for both its potency and for the immediacy of its effects, so it would make sense for it to have an incredibly strong THC concentration.

However, the parents of Bubbashine have surprisingly varied levels of THC intensity, with Bubba Kush having a whopping 23% at its highest testing, and Blue Moonshine with only 16%.

As Bubbashine is the result of those two surprisingly different strains being crossbred, the resultant bud from Bubbashine is actually only around 19%-20% in THC intensity. While this still makes it an especially potent strain, as most other indicas don’t tend to have upwards of 20% THC within them, Bubbashine is at least not too overpowering after smoking it.

It has just enough THC to induce a strong, quickly noticed effect, but not enough to leave you feeling dizzy and overwhelmed.

What about its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, as often happens when you endeavor to create a potent and tasty indica cross between two well-known strains, pretty much all of the CBD has been completely bred out of the Bubbashine strain.

You would be lucky to find any kind of CBD content within the Bubbashine strain, making this a strain to avoid if you are looking for potent CBD effects.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it has no medical benefits whatsoever.

Medical Benefits of the Bubbashine Strain

Just because a strain has little to no CBD to speak of doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still have a variety of useful medical effects.

For starters, with such an obviously intense soporific effect that makes you almost desperate for the comfort of your pillow and the lights turned off, Bubbashine is said to be fantastic at treating the very worst cases of insomnia.

Not only do you get to enjoy a pleasant, long-lasting high, but you also can enjoy a full and complete night’s sleep afterward.

Alongside that, as is usually the case with strong indica strains, Bubbashine is amazing at helping deal with problems arising from too much stress in your day to day life.

By inducing wave after wave of potent happiness, this strain is a great way to counteract that unpleasant feeling of being overwhelmed by the world around you. This is also why it is a great treatment for anxiety, as it helps you look at everything from a new perspective and not become fearful of the world around you.

This is the same reason why it is very helpful in treating issues arising from chronic pain, as it is almost impossible to notice any regular pain if you are too busy experiencing a tasty and fulfilling burst of happiness that lasts all day.

Unfortunately, with all good medical benefits, there are some negative side effects as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Bubbashine Strain

As with all high-THC strains, Bubbashine has the unfortunate tendency to produce both dry mouth and dry eyes on an incredibly consistent basis. This will be most noticeable at the start of the high before the full effects have kicked in and made you unaware of anything negative in the entire world. Make sure to keep some water on hand to help combat this.

You should also have a convenient place to lie down, as one of the other potential side effects is a strong headache. While this is something that really only affects certain people that already get headaches from most strains, it can still be particularly unpleasant to have to deal with the pain and frustration of a sudden headache.

Finally, those that struggle with feelings of anxiety might find themselves have a bit of an anxiety episode if they try and smoke too much Bubbashine at once, as while it is great for treating anxiety, it can also produce the same unpleasant symptoms if you try and imbibe too much at once.

Final Thoughts on the Bubbashine Strain

Most of the time, strong indica crosses are created for the purpose of either mimicking the effects of its parents in a new way or to try and breed some kind of super strain with tons of THC, in an effort to create the strongest possible strain in all of marijuana history.

In the case of Bubbashine, it is a little bit different – instead of trying to make an even stronger strain, this indica cross simply attempts to make a decently high THC concentration but stops before it would get too much.

It combines the flavors and aromas of its parents into a strangely perfect medley of flavors, all while providing a mixture of the effects of its parents, and only they are slightly amplified due to their simultaneous nature.

Bubbashine provides a deep, restful sleep at the end of the high, preceded by one of the happiest and overall most enjoyable experiences possible when smoking weed – when described like that, how can you not want to give this majestically powerful, yet comfortably familiar strain a try?

Keep an eye out for Bubbashine, whether as a completed bud or just as seeds to try and grow your own, as it is definitely a high worth giving a try at least once.


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