Reform advocates in Oregon quietly filed a proposed initiative final month to decriminalize low-level possession of all drugs that could seem prior to voters on the state’s 2020 ballot.

The measure, titled the “Drug Addiction Therapy and Recovery Act,” areas an emphasis on the have to have to treat drug addiction as a public overall health problem, rather than a criminal justice matter. Possession of tiny amounts of illegal substances, like heroin and cocaine, would be thought of a class E violation, punishable by a maximum $100 fine and no jail time.

There would be an choice to stay away from the fine by finishing a overall health assessment by way of an addiction recovery center. That procedure would involve a substance use disorder screening from a licensed overall health expert.

Manufacturing and distributing controlled substances would nonetheless cary heavy penalties, like felony charges.

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Oregon Voters Could See Measure To Decriminalize All Drugs On 2020 Ballot

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