Gushers: Why Colorado Tokers Like This Strain


If there’s something I miss about college, it is bartering at the lunch table. Practically nothing was extra satisfying than trading a limp PB&ampJ and apple slices for a Lunchable and Hot Cheetos. (I hear prison provides a equivalent rush, but I do not miss haggling that terrible.) Wealthy, spoiled children flaunting their junk meals have been usually an simple target, as their close friends promoting Herbalife solutions have subsequently identified out.

Despite the fact that candy was nonetheless a rarity at college even for the wealthy and spoiled, other sweets weren’t. Twinkies, Fruit by the Foot and Squeezits have been all hot commodities, but a single dyed, sugary treat outranked them all: Gushers. The immense quantity of corn syrup and colored goop was an immediate draw for children. So naturally, some of these identical qualities are an immediate draw for stoners.

A cross of Triangle Kush and a Gelato phenotype by the Bay Area’s Cookie Fam Genetics (the breeder that created Girl Scout Cookies so preferred), the Gushers cannabis strain has a deep background that contains a Cookies lineage and old, mysterious Kush genetics from Florida. We’re all familiar with the staunch stone and sweet flavor of Cookies strains, but not practically as quite a few of us are acquainted with Kush strains out of Florida, such as Bubba and Triangle Kush — considerably much less know their history. And like something out of that state, points get weird swiftly when you play with either of them.

If you like maintaining your hands in the Cookies jar at dispensaries, this Gelato offspring lines up with that flavor profile, with fruity, sugary elements that hang about ahead of they’re washed out by an earthy blast of classic Kush. Whilst the strain is not rather fruity sufficient on the tongue for a name deserving of Gushers, I get attempting to remain on brand when breeding with Gelato or other Cookies offspring.

Gushers are not exclusive to the wealthy and spoiled table in the college cafeteria, either. Ajoya, Doc’s Apothecary, Drift, Euflora, Rocky Road, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Redeye Releaf, RiverRock, Solace Meds, the Stone and Xclusive Cannabis all carry some kind of the strain, and wholesale extractors and growers are sending it elsewhere about Colorado, also.

Appears: If it weren’t for the intense dark-green and purple colors, Gushers buds would appear like pine cones, with dense oval and teardrop structures. But the strain’s purple tendencies, rusty pistils and heavy trichome coverage are also vibrant.

Smell: Somewhat of a collision involving new and old scents of the cannabis planet, with the initial sugary, candy-like aromas and creamy overtones followed by notes of wet soil, spicy herbs and cinnamon. The vanilla qualities of Kush strains and the creaminess of Cookies didn’t bridge that gap, as I’d hoped, but smelling a jar is nonetheless complicated and enjoyable.

Flavor: It seriously depends on the reduce, with some extra sweet and creamy, and other people extra dank, earthy and spicy. I choose some thing in involving, like sweet grape and berry flavors followed by spicy vanilla and dirty pine.

Effects: Not rather a a single-hit knockout, but euphoric and sedating nonetheless. The fast bliss of Gushers would make me ignore a property fire, relaxing me from my neck to my ankles. But that bliss quickly turns into pure sloth and gluttony, so contemplate oneself warned. Healthcare individuals have employed the strain to treat discomfort, sleeping and consuming problems, headaches and strain, amongst other ailments.

Dwelling grower’s take: “Have some close friends in Sacramento who like this a single a lot. Do not know how he was capable to get ahold of it, for the reason that I haven’t identified seeds anyplace. In some cases an employee in the develop can sneak out a reduce of the plant and turn it into some thing. In some cases it is just all bullshit. The stuff I’ve had at the shop and what my buddy grows [both] get potent and thick, although. Superior to appear at.”

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