The Trouble with Marijuana Legalization



These who assistance marijuana prohibition like to speak about all of the complications they really feel are inherent to and outcome from legalization. As a person who wholeheartedly supports an finish to prohibition, I can admit there are some significant complications with legalization, specifically in the U.S.

A glaring challenge is that government lawmakers and bureaucrats are in charge of implementing it. This leads to a myriad of delays and compromises that we chronicle frequently right here at The Marijuana Occasions. But some would say that an even larger challenge is the incremental, piecemeal way legalization is getting enacted. 

Of course, political realities have dictated the course of cannabis law reform. With the federal government refusing to budge when it comes to marijuana, a state-by-state method was the most most likely selection for accomplishment. Due to the fact voters and lawmakers and government officials determine in every state what the law will be, not only are there variations from state to state, but also from jurisdiction to jurisdiction inside a state.

This has made a circumstance exactly where a person driving from New York to California could be topic to scores of diverse laws concerning cannabis along the way. The inefficiency of this is apparent and the confusion it causes is immeasurable. It is such a clear challenge that the mainstream press can even see it, as evidenced by this current piece in Politico that focuses primarily on the friction amongst the federal government and the states more than cannabis.

Prohibition itself was a quite reduce-and-dried procedure, specifically with the passage of The Controlled Substances Act of 1970. That legislation produced all the things pertaining to cannabis illegal and topic to federal law enforcement, permitting for the creation of the DEA. State legislatures had to comply with suit or face all the consequences that come from defying the federal government.

But to reverse that procedure is a a lot longer and far more arduous journey. Fighting state by state, occasionally even town by town, requires a lot far more time than debating and passing a complete bill in the federal Congress. Far more time enables for far more setbacks, which adds far more time, and so on.

If the federal government has passed and enacted marijuana legalization in, say, 2012, how numerous states would be left currently nevertheless fighting to preserve prohibition? Outdoors a handful of far more conservative states, I cannot consider also numerous lawmakers would want to place up that fight.

Now contemplate the path we are presently on. With out federal legalization, how extended do you assume it will take till 40 states have adult-use legalization? Does “decades” appear like an unreasonable answer? I would submit that it does not.

The bottom line is that the way we have to go about legalization sucks. It is slow and requires a tremendous quantity of work for reasonably tiny progress. It creates numerous complications that would be avoided if items have been diverse on the federal level.


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