The Very best Way To Clean A Bong [DIY 2019]


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No one likes a dirty bong. Failure to routinely clean your bong leads to a buildup of residue that can make your piece smelly and negatively influence the flavor of your hit. It can also be quite unsightly. Who does not adore that very first magical hit off of freshly-cleaned glassware? We’ll give you all the recommendations you have to have on how to clean a glass bong.

Fundamental Approaches to Clean Your Bong

You wouldn’t drink your morning cup of joe out of a dirty mug, so treat your glass bongs and pipes with the exact same care. There are various theories on how to clean a bong, but most persons use 1 or a mixture of these solutions to clean their glass. Every comes with its personal advantages and achievable drawbacks.

Alcohol and Salt Technique

Normally regarded the very best way to clean a bong, this is the technique preferred by quite a few normal smokers since it is straightforward, economical, and extremely productive. Here’s what you will have to have:

Cleaning Components:

  • 99% Isopropyl alcohol
  • Coarse salt (kosher or sea salt operates nicely)
  • Warm water


  • Meals storage container(for smaller sized pieces)
  • Pipe cleaner/Q-recommendations
  • Paper towels
  • Heavy-duty tape OR plastic wrap and rubber bands
  1. Start off by emptying any loose ash and pouring out the water in your bong reservoir. 
  2. Pour coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol into the chamber of your bong. Some advise heating the alcohol in a microwave-secure container for about 20 seconds, but this is not definitely vital. For bowls and smaller sized pieces, pour the salt and alcohol into the meals storage container and add only 1 piece of glass to the container at a time. 
  3. Tightly close the lid of the meals container and cover the openings of your bong with heavy-duty tape or plastic wrap secured with rubber bands. For particular pieces, like compact bubblers, it may possibly be enough to plug the openings with a twisted paper towel. This is to avert the alcohol and salt option from leaking onto your hands and operate surfaces, so make positive you do not skip this step.
  4. Shake gently but completely to assure the option reaches all components of the piece. The salt acts as an agitator to scrape away residue. Bongs with percolators may possibly advantage from applying finer salt to attain smaller sized locations. 
  5. For heavy residue, let the glassware to soak. Based on the degree of buildup, you may possibly even want to let your pieces to soak overnight.
  6. Rinse with warm water and repeat as vital. 
  7. For challenging-to-attain spots like bowl heads and down stems, use gloves and clean with a pipe cleaner or Q-tip dipped in alcohol.

Some be concerned that this technique will bring about the user to inhale damaging fumes when smoking straight right after cleaning, but you can mitigate this danger by completely rinsing out your glass with warm water. 

Boiling Water Technique

If you’d rather stay clear of applying powerful chemical compounds to clean your bong, attempt the least expensive and most organic option: water! For smaller sized pieces and stems, add 1 piece of glass at a time to a meals storage container and pour boiling or virtually-boiling water more than it. Use sufficient water to cover the whole piece and safe the container lid tightly. If you are cleaning bongs and bigger pieces, pour boiling water into the neck of the piece and cover all openings tightly with duct tape or heat-resistant plastic wrap. The glass will develop into particularly hot, so make positive to use oven mitts to shake the hot water about in order to attain all components of the piece. Then, basically rinse with warm water (cold water could shock the glass) and repeat. This technique is surprisingly productive and wonderful for these who routinely clean their pieces. It may possibly not be appropriate for heavy residue buildup or a lot more intricate bongs.

Industrial Bong Cleaning Solutions:

There are a quantity of merchandise particularly formulated to clean your bong and other pieces. Solutions like Formula 420 are extremely productive at removing plant resin and grime. If your pieces are not created of glass, Formula 420 also gives plastic and acrylic cleaner. ResRemover is one more item that may possibly operate for you. This plant primarily based formula is all organic and comes in a pouch. You basically add hot water and your dirty pieces into the pouch, seal, and soak overnight. This is a wonderful option cleaning solution if you want an straightforward option without the need of harsh chemical compounds.

Why Clean Your Bong?

Do it for your overall health! Did you know that fungi and bacteria can develop in the murky depths of a dirty bong? The sticky resin and wet atmosphere is a best breeding ground for these organisms, so clean routinely to avert them from creating a house in your glass. How routinely need to you clean your bong? Every day smokers need to clean their glass about every single other day. If you only bring a bong or pipe out sometimes, empty and clean it right after every single use. Do not refill the water till you are prepared to use your piece once again. 

Superior tasting hit. Residue buildup and sitting water can give your smoke a stale, dirty flavor. To definitely take pleasure in the delicate notes of your favored strains, you want to smoke them out of the cleanest achievable glass. Clean bongs also give off much less odor and offer you a a lot more pleasant smoking knowledge.

Prevents clogging. A clogged pipe is a smoker’s nightmare, and it is conveniently prevented with normal cleaning. It keeps the pipes clear of obstruction so you can take pleasure in a smooth and straightforward hit every single time.

Keeps your glass hunting newer, longer. If you have invested in a piece of glass, significant or compact, you want to hold it in pristine situation for as lengthy as achievable. You may possibly want to sell or trade your pieces down the line, or hold them on show. Sustain the worth of your pieces by cleaning them routinely.

Ideas to Preserve Your Bong Clean

  • Clean your bong often. The longer you go without the need of cleaning, the longer and tougher the method will be.  
  • For challenging water stains, use white vinegar and rinse completely.
  • To hold your bong cleaner, longer, squeeze lemon juice into your clean bong water to aid avert residue from sticking. The juice also adds a tasty hint of citrus to your smoke.

There are so quite a few straightforward, productive techniques to hold your pieces clean and prolong their use. Now that you know how to clean a glass bong, or any other piece, use these recommendations to take pleasure in pristine pieces and the finest-tasting smoke. 


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