A Young Man Practically Lost His Life to Vaping


“I was hesitant to think the vapes could be the lead to of this,” he mentioned.

The oxygen level in his blood was way beneath standard. He was offered oxygen. Physicians suspected a lung infection, although they have been puzzled simply because he was young and healthful and had not traveled overseas lately.

His mother, who performs nights, arrived at the hospital a handful of hours later. She insisted that he inform the medical doctors about his vaping.

His situation deteriorated. By afternoon, he was on a ventilator. He nonetheless did not increase. By the subsequent morning, his blood oxygen had sunk to levels low sufficient to lead to organ failure, or even cease his heart.

“A 22-year-old gentleman, and he was, basically, dying in front of me,” mentioned Dr. Syed H. Iqbal, a specialist in pulmonary and crucial care medicine at Extended Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital.

It fell to Dr. Iqbal to inform Mr. Rodriguez’s loved ones how dangerously ill he was.

“It was terrible,” Mr. Rodriguez’s mother, Martha, mentioned. “I will under no circumstances overlook the doctor’s face. I prayed, ‘Please, God, do not let him go.’” She told the medical doctors to do something required to save her son.

Dr. Iqbal advisable a desperate measure referred to as ECMO, a machine that would pump oxygen straight into Mr. Rodriguez’s blood and take carbon dioxide out — breathing for him though, if he was fortunate, his lungs recovered. The hospital in Forest Hills did not have it, but the major campus of Extended Island Jewish Health-related Center did, and sent out an emergency group with the machine in an ambulance. As quickly as Mr. Rodriguez was connected to it, his blood oxygen shot up to standard levels, Dr. Iqbal mentioned.


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