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You’ve place a lot of time and work into expanding the ideal marijuana in the previous and you are prepared to do it once more. Apart from, now that you have all the supplies (such as plants if you take clones or harvest seeds), the monetary investment really should be minimal. You can reuse lights, vents, pots – and even your develop medium if you treat it correct. Right now, we’ll go over how to reuse distinctive develop mediums to save you time and income, and get you expanding your subsequent crop rapidly.

Suggestions for Reusing Diverse Develop Mediums

Develop medium refers to what ever it is a plant grows from. Diverse forms of develop media consist of soil, coco coir, rock wool, develop stones, clay pebbles and perlite. Although some develop mediums are not advised for reuse (rock wool cubes, for instance, turn into pretty compact which tends to make them really hard to clean and sanitize in between grows), lots of other individuals most absolutely are.


An instance of Perlite, a widespread develop medium, that can be reused. photo credit

Nevertheless, reusing develop media is not as easy as fluffing it and beginning anew. If you want your subsequent crop to thrive, you need to clean and sanitize your develop medium, and amend as required. Right here are a handful of strategies to maintain in thoughts.

Reusing Soil in Cannabis Grows

Just as you need to clean and sanitize your develop area in between cycles, you need to clean and sanitize your soil as properly. Cleaning the soil rids it of residual nutrients and salts and assists you far better gauge your subsequent crop’s nutrient requires. Cleaning also removes debris like roots and fallen leaves so that new roots can develop with out restriction. Sanitization, on the other hand, kills pathogens and pests (and their eggs).

Start by flushing residual nutrients out of the soil making use of copious amounts of water (and a nutrient flush resolution if doable) to eliminate minerals from the soil. Repeat the course of action two to 3 occasions ideally. If you had a pest issue in the previous, rinse with boiling water a handful of occasions to support kill them off and if you had mildew in your final crop, add an antifungal to your water, as properly.

Bear in mind, reused soil is not only flushed of contaminants, it is also cost-free of all nutrients. Prior to making use of your soil once more, amend it with issues like compost, worm castings and peat moss.

Soon after a thorough rinse, set your soil out in the sun to kill off any diseased spores. Continue to eliminate plant matter at this point to enhance your soil’s consistency. Soil really should sit for about 10 days just before becoming employed once more, far more if doable.

How to Reuse Coco Coir

Coco coir, created from coconut fiber, is an outstanding cannabis develop medium for lots of causes – it is sustainable, almost not possible to overwater, boasts the excellent pH balance, and is very reusable in each soil and hydroponic cannabis grows. But, like soil, it need to be processed just before reuse. 

The 1st step in reusing coco coir is to eliminate any excess plant matter from the earlier crop. Massive roots and stems can be removed by hand but smaller sized roots are ideal addressed with a particular enzyme resolution created to break down roots and enhance their bioavailability for future root systems. Completely removing all old roots additional guarantees that future systems have the area they require to expand and thrive.

Coco Coir

Coco coir is an outstanding, sustainable solution for a develop medium that can be reused. photo credit

Subsequent, wash the coco with distilled water to rinse away dead roots and residual salts that can block nutrient absorption. If required, you can sterilize your coco at this point making use of a 35 % hydrogen peroxide resolution (try to remember to rinse completely if you do, although). This step is only advised if there is danger of contamination, even so, as non-sterile coco most likely consists of effective bacteria that you will not want to drop. Add fresh coco coir to your reused mix as required to add volume and extend its shelf life.

Develop Stones, Perlite, Clay Pebbles

Develop stones are created from recycled glass, perlite from volcanic glass, and clay pebbles from, properly, clay. Although all of these items are created from distinctive supplies, their reuse process is the exact same. Start by removing all dead plant matter with an enzyme wash and your hands. If old root systems are specially substantial, soak the medium for 30 minutes, break up the root method, then repeat as required. 

Soon after roots are removed and the medium completely rinsed, spot in the sun to dry for two to 3 days. This resting period is required to maintain the medium sterile. Investing in your personal cannabis develop is a significant deal. You require lights, pots, ventilation systems, seeds (or clones) and some sort of develop media. Soon after gathering your lengthy list of critical expanding supplies, cultivating your 1st crop of cannabis, and harvesting and curing it to perfection, it is time to reap the advantage of your really hard work…and then do it all more than once more for a different harvest in about 3 to six months.

Do you have strategies for reusing cannabis develop mediums? Share them in the comments under.

Photo Credit: Cannabis Tours (license)


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