Brick Weed – Exploring the Rise and Fall of This Exclusive Weed Solution


If you are younger than 35, possibilities are you will not know what brick weed is. The query is: are you missing out on something?

Though brick weed is nevertheless present on the market place and it employed to be really preferred in the previous, there is a excellent purpose why that is no longer the case.

Study along to locate out what brick weed is, how it is produced, how to smoke it appropriately, and what triggered its recognition to drop. Let’s get began!

So, what is brick weed?

Brick weed is the variety of weed that is harvested and compressed into separate bricks. That also explains why brick weed is frequently referred to as “compressed weed”.

1 of the major causes for its compression is to transport it extra very easily, which was vital back when weed was smuggled from Mexico.

It is grown just like any other marijuana plant, but what separates it from other weed people today get in dry kind is its processing – the way it is dried and compressed.

Growers basically pile loads of harvested cannabis to dry, which tends to make components of it come to be moldy from moisture, and then they compress it making use of hydraulic presses. Even if the plant was of higher high-quality prior to compression, which is generally the case, the pressing wastes significantly of the weed’s THC and terpenes.

Brick weed has a enormous tradition and it was especially preferred in the USA and Mexico in the earlier century.

This recognition peaked involving 1970 and 1980, throughout which time brick weed was the most consumed variety of weed in the planet. Quite generally, people today wouldn’t even know that they had been smoking brick weed, since their dealers would break it up.

Sooner or later, its recognition began to reduce. Though some people today nevertheless smoke brick weed routinely, the worldwide production has fallen substantially. Most cannabis buyers have switched to other, extra potent options.

At the moment, brick weed is primarily made in Asia, and Central and South America. The major worldwide marijuana manufacturer is Paraguay even though most of the European weed comes from Albania.

There are many causes why brick weed is no longer preferred, but let’s initially talk about no matter whether you should really smoke this variety of weed or not.

Is brick weed any excellent?

We currently touched upon the query of brick weed high-quality. Although it is generally produced from decent plants, the compression turns it into poorer high-quality weed.

Of course, quite a few people today enjoyed it in the previous, but if you are searching for weed with exceptional flavor and extended-lasting effects, brick weed is not it. It will usually be inferior to other kinds of weed that was appropriately dried, cured and stored.

The major purpose why brick weed employed to be so preferred in the previous is its cost.

This item employed to be (and nevertheless is) particularly affordable which is why it is so widespread even right now. Of course, regardless of the low cost, some people today do like how brick weed tastes. Not to mention that, if you are fortunate adequate, you could truly finish up with brick weed of excellent high-quality.

But general, it is apparent that the low cost was the driving force behind the immense recognition of brick weed in basic.

How to smoke brick weed?

Smoking brick weed is pretty easy and simple.

Technically, you smoke this variety of weed just like any other, but with a single exception – you will need to break it into person pieces for a lot easier consumption.

You can do that in quite a few various methods, but I favor making use of steam to separate the pieces evenly.

Here’s how to do it according to an skilled user. Prepare some hot water, place weed on a paper towel and hold it more than the steam. The weed will get softer and softer, which will allow you to break it apart.

After you do that, you can go ahead and smoke as usual.

Why is brick weed not preferred any longer?

Numerous things contributed to brick weed losing its recognition.

Initial of all, as I currently described, the high-quality that you are receiving right here is far from excellent. Individuals can now select significantly extra potent strains, and even even though brick weed is particularly reasonably priced, most purchasers want their cannabis to have sturdy effects and pleasant flavor.

An additional purpose for its decline in recognition is that quite a few people today develop their personal weed presently. This is simple to do and can save you a lot of funds in the extended run. Not to mention that, when you develop weed in your property, you know what you can count on and you do not have to rely on unknown, second-hand weed.

The final and maybe the most vital purpose why brick weed is no longer what it employed to be is the ever-increasing trend of cannabis legalization.

As cannabis is becoming legal in extra and extra nations, people today are welcoming the thought of being aware of specifically what they are receiving. Also, there is no will need to compress weed for the sake of transportation any longer, so it appears that there is much less area for brick weed in the modern day cannabis planet.

In conclusion

Brick weed employed to be immensely preferred in the previous and with excellent purpose. Nonetheless, instances have changed, and cannabis enthusiasts have significantly improved solutions right now.

Should really you attempt brick weed if you have under no circumstances smoked it prior to? Nicely, that is totally up to you. If you are curious and you want to expertise the flavor initially-hand, certain, give it a attempt. Nonetheless, if you want higher-high-quality marijuana with excellent, extended-lasting effects, this weed is not for you.

In any case, it does not hurt to know about it, in case you are ever supplied. And if you are a marijuana veteran, this is a excellent chance to relive some old memories. Just after all, a bit of nostalgia is usually sweet, is not it?


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