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A group of cannabis influencers are employing their presence on social media for very good this weekend, preparing beach and neighborhood cleanups across the United States and even into Canada. The brainchild of Anjela (also identified as Koala Puffs) and Sasha (also identified as Silenced Hippie) the occasion started with two cleanups, a single at California’s Venice Beach and a single in Rhode Island.

Right after creating plans for their events by way of FaceTime, Anjela and Sasha took their result in to Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Quickly, much more members of the cannabis neighborhood had been jumping on board and at least eight cleanups have been scheduled so far, such as six added on Wednesday alone.

Koala Puffs mentioned that it is wonderful how rapidly members of the cannabis family members about the nation and beyond have responded to the get in touch with to action and organized events in their personal communities. In Venice Beach, in addition to choosing up trash and litter, the canna-crew of volunteers will also be providing their neighbors experiencing homelessness fresh fruit and bottles of Just Water, an eco-friendly brand founded by Jaden Smith as a way to address plastic pollution. The enterprise donated 30 instances of water that is bottled in plastic created from sugar cane for Sunday’s occasion.

Koala Puffs added that other individuals have also stepped up to make certain the cleanup is profitable, supplying to bring trash bags, gloves, and other supplies for themselves and other volunteers.

“Aside from how cool it is that we’re undertaking one thing for the atmosphere, seeing so a lot of folks that do not know each and every other come collectively and attempt to enable out is just additional fantastic to see,” she mentioned in a phone interview with Higher Occasions

Cleaning Up Communities And Smashing The Stoner Stigma

Koala Puffs mentioned that she hopes that the cleanups, which have been organized in a matter of days, will show folks who harbor adverse stereotypes about cannabis customers that stoners can be productive members of society who give back to their communities.

“I just want to show folks that it does not matter how considerably somebody smokes, you can nevertheless get items performed and you can tackle what ever process that you have. It is all about the mindset and how considerably you are prepared to do,” she mentioned.

In addition to the original East and West Coast cleanups, companion events have currently been planned in Chicago, Seattle, Florida, Ontario, and in Texas at South Padre Island and Del Rio. 

Koala Puffs is confident it will not cease there. 

“I’m confident that by Sunday there will be even much more places that are joined in,” she mentioned.


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