Colorado Legal Limits For Acquiring Weed


Dear Stoner: I know I’m permitted to buy up to 1 recreational ounce of weed per go to, but can I just go into a further dispensary and buy a further ounce?

Dear Hugh: Colorado residents and guests alike may possibly buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis at a time, as soon as a day that is the legal limit for cannabis possession (health-related marijuana sufferers are permitted two ounces). That limit applies to all forms of cannabis. (If concentrates or edibles include a lot more than 800 milligrams of THC, on the other hand, dispensaries are restricted to promoting only eight grams.) Technically, the 1-ounce buy limit applies to an whole day, but as recommended in your query, there’s absolutely nothing definitely stopping somebody from acquiring the limit at 1 recreational dispensary, then walking into a further down the street for a lot more buying.


Dispensaries can not sell you a lot more than 1 ounce of flower per day.

Scott Lentz

These days, dispensaries will not just wink and smile at prospects who buy an ounce and stroll back in moments later for a lot more bud, as some as soon as did 1 now-eradicated dispensary chain paid dearly for such organization practices. That getting stated, there’s nonetheless no program set up to track recreational customers’ activity. (MMJ patient transactions are monitored by the state.) Make your choices wisely, although, for the reason that acquiring or possessing a lot more than the limit could lead to a lot more than just a slap on the wrist from law enforcement.

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