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Students in Lee County public schools will be capable to use healthcare marijuana on campus below a newly proposed policy. 

The ruling, created two years ago by the state of Florida, says students who are on the Division of Wellness registry must be permitted to take their therapies on college grounds if necessary. 

Florida college boards needed to approve a neighborhood policy on the issue by Dec. 1, with Lee County’s policy headed to a vote in November. The newly made policy will go just before Lee’s elected officials for a overview through a 1 p.m. briefing meeting Thursday. 

The Lee County college district is falling in line with state law that tends to make it OK for students to use healthcare marijuana on campus. The college board will view the newly made policy Oct. 17, with an official vote coming in November. (Photo: Stock photo)

The policy is a slight adjust from present practice for healthcare marijuana, explained college spokesperson Rob Spicker.

“What our practice calls for is that if the medicine have to be taken at college, the parent or guardian demands to bring it to college, verify their student out, administer the drug off campus, and then return the student to class,” Spicker mentioned. “The policy tends to make a modest adjust and enables for the parent to bring the medicine to college, administer it on campus, and then the student returns to class, minimizing the disruption.”

4 students at present have accommodation plans in spot in Lee County, exactly where a lot more than 94,00 children attend college.

The proposal, which will extend to charter schools as nicely, limits how the therapies can be made use of, exactly where they can be made use of, and who will be involved.

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The policy says students can’t smoke, vape or use patch versions of healthcare marijuana, so the therapies would have to come in the type of oils, tincture, edibles or lotions that “can be administered and totally absorbed in a quick period of time.”

The Lee County college district is falling in line with state law that tends to make it OK for students to use healthcare marijuana on campus. The college board will view the newly made policy Oct. 17, with an official vote coming in November. (Photo:

To be eligible to use on campus, students need to have to be listed on the Florida healthcare marijuana registry by a certified doctor and have a patient ID card.

Parents, guardians or caregivers of these certified students would be accountable for bringing the medicine to the college and administering the therapies, which signifies students can’t be in possession of the drug even though at college.

The policy says that the remedy must be offered “at dwelling anytime possible” and that the medicine must only be made use of at college when it “cannot reasonably be achieved outdoors of college hours.”

A written request would need to have to be offered to the principal at least 48 hours ahead of time so a program could be created that outlines who will be providing the student the medicine, exactly where it will occur and at what time of day. 

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Therapies can’t be offered on a college bus or at college-sponsored events.

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The Lee County college board: From left to appropriate are Mary Fischer, Melisa Giovannelli, Cathleen Morgan, Chris Patricca, Gwyn Gittens, Debbie Jordan and Betsy Vaughn. (Photo: Amanda Inscore)

College districts that have however to adopt a policy have been place on alert by the state Division of Education earlier this month, with a memo reminding them of the finish-of-year deadline to have the rule on the books.

Several college boards have been hesitant to pass the ruling for the reason that state law conflicts with Florida’s Constitution on permitting college-primarily based accommodations for the use of healthcare marijuana. Plus, federal law nonetheless regards the use of marijuana — even medicinal — as illegal, which could imply the loss of critical funding for schools.

Lee County addresses this concern in the policy, saying the board has the appropriate to “immediately” suspend the policy and halt on-campus therapies “if the federal government indicates that the district’s federal funds are jeopardized by this policy.”

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If this occurs, the district will post an alert on the web page,

At this time, there is no policy set for an employee’s use of healthcare marijuana. The district applies “existing law,” Spicker explained.

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