Cheesy Rider: Why Colorado Tokers Adore This Strain


I after received an e-mail from a lady who claimed to have worked at a cheese shop across from Cheesman Park in the ’70s exactly where staff allegedly sold weed below the counter. I couldn’t come across substantially to confirm that story, even though I did come across that a location known as The Huge Cheese won a Finest of Denver award for Finest Cheese Shop in 1984, the initially year Westword created that edition — and perhaps that bonus helped sway the judges.

Sad to say, the Huge Cheese is not about any longer, but when I came across a strain by the name of Cheesy Rider at a dispensary in Cap Hill, it seemed like a fitting time to honor a cool location that could possibly or could possibly not have existed. An old head in the bud space told me that Cheesy Rider was in fact a motorcycle-riding rodent mascot for Cheetos prior to Chester Cheetah took more than, so the toking connection was as well robust to pass up.

A cross amongst Biker Kush and a selection of U.K. Cheese cuts based on the breeder, Cheesy Rider is infamous for getting a wide stank radius. The potent hybrid is complete of jacked-up whiffs of fruity, funky cheese, as these U.K. Cheese qualities are enhanced by Biker Kush’s fruity, earthy lineage of OG Kush, Blackberry and San Fernando Valley OG. Cheesy Rider’s smell, like a scrumptious wheel of Gouda, gets far more pungent and refined with age, so delight in it in the develop and remedy these nugs as lengthy as you can: It’ll only taste improved.

Not only is Cheesy Rider’s sweet, creamy funk flavor-created for a picnic, but the higher is, as well. Every session with the strain supplied an upbeat higher without having blurred concentration, amplifying daytime activities without having draining power. But every single session also gave me a really serious bout of the munchies, which can kill concentration on its personal.
We’ve spotted Cheesy Rider at Euflora, Green Dragon, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., Nature’s Herbs and Wellness, and Verde All-natural. My preferred versions have come from Nature’s Herbs and Wellness and Verde All-natural each smelled like plates of old cheese and strawberries, and helped me overlook my woes just after a couple of rough Sundays.

Appears: Like a rocket or stalagmite, Cheesy Rider has tall, pointed plants with lengthy nugs. The hybrid strain leans indica in the develop, hitting medium height and making dense calyxes. These buds frequently have a glow.

Smell: It is cheesy, all correct, but portion of that aromatic explosion comes from Cheesy Rider’s Kush background, which adds to the smell’s horsepower. The mixture begins out funky, sweet and cheesy, practically like some aged cheese and berries, followed by spicy, chalky smells of wet dirt and vanilla.

Flavor: Cheesy Rider’s earthy, spicy Kush elements take the lead right here, with these sweet and cheesy notes filling in the back and sides of your tongue. The taste is just as complicated as the smell, but slightly much less enjoyable when the cheese and fruit flavors do not stand out.

Effects: Despite the fact that the strain’s potency could floor a novice toker, Cheesy Rider’s higher tends to make me curious, inventive and talkative. Concentrate is not shot, and the euphoria and power remains steady all through the higher.

Property grower’s take: “It smells so scrumptious and funky, but it is genuinely a collision of Skunk and OG genetics when you appear into their backgrounds. These fruity, cheesy hits are indicators of evolving along the way. I had a pal invest fantastic revenue on Cheesy Rider seeds, and let’s just say he was taken for a spin. Took damn close to 3 months to flower, and his neighbors known as him out about the smell coming from his residence as the buds dried. I feel it is improved set for people today with space and knowledge, since it requires time and topping, and you want it good and ripe.”

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