Paradigm Cannabis Releases Vacation-Packaged Sexxpot Pre-roll


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. – Humboldt County craft cannabis brand Paradigm Cannabis is releasing a vacation-packaged version of its signature Sexxpot Infused Queen-size Prerolls to dispensaries across the state of California.

Sexxpot is a queen-size infused preroll with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD with Cannabis-derived CBD terpenes (NOT hemp-derived). The CDT (Cannabis Derived Terpenes) CBD terpenes that make the distinction. The distinction is: relaxation and euphoria.


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Who utilizes Sexxpot?
Ladies (mainly) of all ages—older ladies in particular—use Sexxpot to jumpstart their libido, males who want to boost the time with their partners, and any individual who just desires to unwind and not get “blasted” by higher-THC items.

Exactly where does Sexxpot come from?
The flower blend in Sexxpot is sourced from Humboldt County legacy farmers who develop their items in the sunshine, and the Cannabis-derived CBD terp sauce is extracted from Humboldt County sun-grown flower as effectively.

Why is Sexxpot so successful?
For 1 point, Sexxpot Queen-size Prerolls are wealthy in the discomfort-relieving, tension-decreasing terpene beta-caryophyllene. The other purpose Sexxpot is so successful as a libido booster is the incorporation of CBD. By which includes CBD, the properties of THC are enhanced via what’s identified as the “Entourage Impact,” and the CBD serves to mellow out the impact of the THC, resulting in relaxation, not inebriation.

Sexxpot Queen-size Prerolls are the best and timely decision for partners needing that completely surprising and sweet vacation present. Sexxpot assists men and women of all stripes take time. Slow down. And not get overly inebriated… These are the hallmarks of a best vacation.

Providing the present of Sexxpot lets your Substantial Other know precisely what’s on your thoughts.

About Paradigm Cannabis Group
Sexxpot Queen-size Prerolls are handcrafted by Paradigm Cannabis in Northern California, a ladies-owned extraction business specializing in pre-roll items and extracts produced exclusively from sun-grown flower. Our award-winning CO2 oils and terpenes are cautiously crafted in modest batches from cannabis grown by regional family members farmers and never ever include any toxic extraction chemical compounds. Our farmers have vast practical experience in plant genetics and environmentally sound cultivation approaches, and their modest-scale gardens create some of the greatest cannabis in the state.


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