Schumer backs drive to have FDA clarify CBD regulations

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WASHINGTON – Hemp farming in the Warwick region and other components of the Hudson Valley and state is rapidly becoming the new crop of option and US Senator Charles Schumer has joined the work to have the FDA immediately set guidance on labeling, making, advertising and promoting solutions containing cannabidiol (CBD), a non-addictive element of hemp.

The senator mentioned CBD production is an emerging sector and regulations will enable producers to totally take benefit of the industry and defend buyers at the similar time.

“Lack of regulatory clarity is generating a actual fog for farmers, producers and makers. CBD is not explicitly illegal but there are no suggestions as to exactly where you can use it and exactly where you cannot. It does not give you a higher like marijuana we are not worried about that, but individuals want suggestions.”

Schumer has joined a bi-partisan work calling on the Meals and Drug Administration to come up with these suggestions as immediately as achievable.


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