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The Juul is undoubtedly America’s favorite and best-known vaporizer. It’s compact, convenient, sleek and discreet. Getting a dose of e-liquid at a moment’s notice could not be easier. But until now, the awesome benefits of Juul vaping – or Juuling! – have been reserved for nicotine vapers. Indeed, vaping in general has become a wildly popular – and safer – alternative to smoking.

CBD users like you have been waiting to get in on the act. And now you can! But let’s get one thing straight: Juul themselves aren’t creating official Juul CBD pods yet. It’s other innovative and pioneering brands that are introducing their own range of CBD-infused, Juul-compatible pods. These vape pods are infused with the high-quality hemp extracts from brands we all know and love – like Naturally Peaked – with varying concentrations of CBD. 

Are CBD Juul pods safe?

It’s really important to only purchase from reputable vendors when buying CBD pods. The spate of vaping illnesses in recent times are a cause for concern, and an indication that low-quality and fake CBD e-liquids have seeped onto the scene in recent times. 

These “vape juices” likely contain cheap, substitute flavorings, and at worst vitamin E acetate, a substance that has been linked to liquid accumulation in the lungs. Poor-quality hemp extracts may also appear in cheap and nasty CBD pods. Such extracts tend to have higher levels of toxins and heavy metals that aren’t removed during the extraction process. 

Clearing up your concerns 

In an unregulated market like the hemp-based CBD industry, there is sadly always a risk that these products will pop up. Thankfully, legit CBD companies have been fighting back against grifters and fraudsters for years. The best way to expose corrupt practices is to shine a light on them. Transparency is key, and the more open a CBD manufacturer is about how they make their products, the more you can trust them.

Third-party lab testing is absolutely essential, whether you’re buying vape pods, standalone e-liquids, tincture oils or anything else. When a company submits their products to an independent lab for an extensive analysis, they’re showing that they have nothing to hide. Such tests confirm that products have the stated amount of CBD, that they meet legal requirements, and that they are free from harmful byproducts. 

It’s simply impossible for a fake CBD company to go through this process. But they have tricks you should be wary of. Some will claim to test products in-house. Others will tell you their products are independently tested, but not show you the results to prove it. 

At CBDVapeJuice.net, we only offer products that are transparent about their approach, and provide full, unedited lab reports for you, the potential customer. Juul compatible CBD pods are safe, providing you take the necessary precautions.

3 benefits of vaping CBD 

With all the ways of taking CBD, just what exactly makes inhaling it such an attractive prospect for so many people? We’ve picked out three key reasons, all of which are applicable to Juul-compatible CBD pods.

Less risky than smoking

Smoking hemp is not as dangerous as smoking tobacco, as hemp doesn’t contain any addictive ingredients. However, any form of smoking is injurious to health, as it involves inhaling hot, carcinogenic smoke into the lungs. The key upside of smoking is the quick delivery of compounds, but as vaping also works by inhaling, smoking is no longer unique as a fast-acting mode of consumption. 

When vaping, the overall temperatures are much lower. For one, whether vaping plant material, concentrates or e-liquids from CBD pods for Juul devices, the substance isn’t burned at all. No smoke means no nasty carcinogens or other dangerous chemicals. 

Vaping still has its critics, and it’s still riskier than not vaping at all, but the key relationship to look at is between vaping and smoking. For hemp smokers who want something less harmful, vaping is a clear choice. 

Public Health England (PHE) has conducted groundbreaking, important research on vaping in recent years. Their findings show that long-term vaping is many times safer than long-term smoking. This dispels a common media myth that vaping and smoking dangers are one and the same. 

However, a recent PHE Twitter statement stressed that vapers should avoid illicit, blackmarket e-liquids and homemade products. This just re-emphasizes why it’s so important to only use lab-tested products.

Rapid all-round relief 

Getting rapid effects from CBD isn’t just convenient – although that certainly is a plus. For many CBD users, the quick relief from vaping makes it the only suitable way of taking CBD. 

This is the case for people in pain, who find their symptoms are affecting general movement and stopping them from living a happy and independent life. The same goes for those overcome by stress and anxiety, which often hits without forewarning. 

But vaping with a compatible CBD pod for the Juul can really take the fight to these ailments. Relief isn’t always about the actual effects, but the indirect benefits that come from improving quality of life. Knowing you have a CBD product that works quickly can be a relief in itself! 

Convenient way of taking CBD 

Vaping is at its best when convenience and efficiency come to the fore. Perhaps you don’t want to smoke a whole joint, or cannot risk making the smell that comes from lighting up flower. 

Vaping is stealthy and economical. You can easily enjoy just one or two hits, safe in the knowledge you won’t leave a potent aroma lingering around. But with the variety of compatible JUUL pod flavors, you can still get an authentic and delicious taste from your product! 

The JUUL device is chargeable via USB, and the slender design makes this vaporizer more portable than just about any on the market today. Quick hits, fast relief, ultimate discretion and easy charging? You can’t ask for anything else! 

Compatible CBD Juul Pods Review 

Naturally Peaked’s compatible CBD Juul pods are cheap, cheerful and effective. We have an extensive selection of pods, each containing 250mg of CBD-isolate extract, coconut oil and a terpene profile taken from a real cannabis strain. Naturally Peaked pods are nicotine and THC-free, and have no vitamin E acetate. As confirmed on the packaging, Naturally Peaked have no association with Juul labs.

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already got a Juul vaporizer, you can get one as part of a Naturally Peaked Juul Starter Kit, which are available with any vape pods from the Naturally Peaked collection.

Our collection of seven pods offer a range of experiences and flavors. We have two energizing sativas, four calming indicas, and a tasty hybrid that delivers a blend of both. Let’s take a closer look at each. 


Pineapple Express (Sativa): Expect sweet fruitiness from the compatible Juul pod flavor of Pineapple Express. This pod is ideal for when you need an energy boost, maybe to blow away the cobwebs of fatigue, or the shackles of low mood. Pineapple Express is uplifting, and a great pod for sampling CBD’s stimulative and cognitive-enhancing effects. 

Clementine (Sativa): Another sativa to drag you out of a slump, Clementine matches Pineapple Express for fruitiness. Every single citrusy blast of this pod will provide you with pleasant cerebral effects, and the concentration levels needed to get through a long day at work – even when you aren’t feeling up to it! 


Gelato (Indica): Gelato is a classic indica, renowned for kicking in almost immediately. These terpenes ramp up the sedation offered by CBD, making it great for pain, inflammation, headaches and migraines. Interestingly, some find that Gelato boosts their mental clarity. This effect perhaps comes through more with lower dosages. 

Tahoe OG (Indica): The perfect pod for relaxing, and relieving symptoms of low mood. Tahoe OG terpenes are soothing and, combined with a rich CBD dose, may help with stress, pain and sleeping issues. This pod has a lemony, earthy and somewhat piney flavor.

Watermelon (Indica): Feel relaxed and refreshed with the Watermelon pod from Naturally Peaked. Excellent for soothing stress and anxiety, and for perking up your mood. This indica vape pod has an unsurprisingly fruity flavor, that we know you’ll love to vape. 

Zkittles (Indica): This compatible CBD pod for Juul devices is the preferred e-juice for managing pain. Zkittles is great at combating general chronic symptoms, and also at tackling inflammatory problems. This pod is fruity, and also good for dealing with stress and sleep conditions. 


Blue Dream (Hybrid): Don’t miss out on the blueberry boost delivered by Blue Dream. This hybrid vape pod works a treat in the mornings, when you need pain relief, but have to be on top of your physical game. Just the same, Blue Dream is good for the evenings when you want physical relaxation, without losing all your focus and concentration. If you’re looking to buy just a single vape product for all your needs, Blue Dream may be the best CBD Juul pod for you.  

These are among the highest quality CBD Juul pods you’ll find, and are available individually or in sets of four. Enjoy a substantial saving by purchasing a 4-pack! 

How to look after your vape pods

CBD vape pods do not fare well when exposed to heat and pressure. This explains why we only ship pods over ground, and not in the air, where they would be subjected to a pressurized cabin. 

Pods exposed to heat and pressure for too long will leak, rendering them useless. For this reason, do not keep them in hot cars or exposed to direct sunlight. Store in a dark, cool place away from children. Follow these steps and your Juul-compatible pods will stay in top condition. 

Final thoughts 

Peaked Juul PodsIf you were previously confused about just what the relationship was between Juul and CBD, then this post should have cleared things up. JUUL have never and are not currently making official CBD pods, but brands such as Naturally Peaked are releasing awesome, compatible products! 

It depends on the CBD concentration, but in general, CBD Juul pods are cheap and great value for money if you’re an on-the-go vapers. Prices are very competitive with cartridges and arguably more cost-effective than disposable vape pens. CBD Juul pod flavors are delicious, thanks to the inclusion of natural terpenes. 

All the CBD Juul pods for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net meet our rigorous standards for product quality. Third-party lab certification is required for all brands we stock. In no area of the CBD scene is this more important than with vape pods. If you’re excited about trying vape pods, but had reservations, then we hope this CBD Juul pods review has put your mind at ease. 


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