Geraniol, Potent Medicine from Cannabis


We’re really massive on terpenes. These fragrant hydrocarbons—or “essential oils”—are a effective element of the cannabis plant, and they’re an incredibly valuable way to characterize unique strains of weed. There are more than 200 of them in cannabis, and as we’re studying, they contribute significantly a lot more than distinctive and attractive flavors and aromas. Plus, terpenes contribute a wonderful deal to the cannabis plant’s medicinal qualities.

We’re not suggesting you ought to overlook anything you have discovered about the cannabinoids, which incorporate THC, CBD and more than 100 other individuals. These plant-primarily based compounds are nevertheless an incredibly valuable and practical way to interpret cannabis strains and predict their effects.

But currently we’re going to stick with terpenes for the moment. These days we’re going to concentrate on geraniol, 1 of the ten most crucial of the terpenes in cannabis and 1 located all more than the organic globe. In addition to contributing to the characteristic aroma of the geranium flower, this terpene brings all types of intriguing and effective healthcare effects to bear on our bodies.

What Does Geraniol Smell and Taste Like?

Geraniol is located all more than the plant globe. In addition to assisting define the scent of geraniums, it is located in roses, citrus peel, blueberries and carrots. Like several other terpenes, it is frequently utilised as an all-organic ingredient in cosmetics and soaps, and as a organic flavoring in confections like ice cream.

Geraniol 1

Numerous describe the scent of geraniol as broadly and intriguingly floral, with sweet notes of citrus and fresh-reduce fruit like apples. If you have ever smelled citronella—a organic compound derived from lemongrass—that’s a wonderful instance of the characteristic scent of geraniol.

What Can Geraniol Do For Us?

Numerous terpenes are beneficial in fighting our bodies’ inflammatory responses to injury and discomfort, and geraniol is no unique. As a 2016 study demonstrated, it has an anti-inflammatory impact. An additional paper published the preceding year located that geraniol helped inhibit fibrosis, a connected impact in which tissues turn into thickened and scarred due to injury.

Geraniol 2

But geraniol’s healthcare utilizes go additional, all the way into the realm of possible cancer therapies. Even though a foolproof remedy for cancer is nevertheless years away, initial research like this 1 published in 2005 indicated that geraniol can inhibit the development of specific kinds of breast cancer cells. And a lot more lately, a 2016 study showed that the terpene had significantly the identical impact on prostate cancer cells, and prevented them from spreading additional into the physique.

How to Get Geraniol from Cannabis

This effective terpene is somewhat effortless to discover in cannabis some of the a lot more readily offered strains incorporate:

Geraniol 3

Master Kush: This potent higher-THC strain elicits immediate relaxation with out the thoughts-numbing effects connected with comparable strains. Some fans describe a heightened sensory awareness that enhances most any activity.

Lavender: Cannabis containing geraniol frequently includes linalool as properly no surprise, then, that a strain named immediately after nature’s most recognizable supply of linalool would include a hefty dose of geraniol also! It is very relaxing, with moderate sleepy and euphoric effects as properly.

Amnesia Haze: As the name suggests, this strain may perhaps inspire deep forgetfulness! With a notably euphoric onset, the commonly pleased, uplifted and relaxed effects make this a venerable and properly-loved cannabis.

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