Marijuana smuggling charges to be dropped against ex-Vireo personnel


Felony charges will be dropped against two former Vireo Well being executives accused of smuggling healthcare marijuana across state lines immediately after they execute 80 hours of neighborhood service and serve a 1-year probation.

The closely watched case led to court rulings and reform in Minnesota that establishes the activity as a criminal act, placing MMJ operators on notice.

The deal with prosecutors, reported by The Journal News in New York, ends a almost four-year-old criminal case that involved the alleged illegal transportation of $500,000 of cannabis oil amongst Vireo facilities in Minnesota and New York employing a enterprise armored automobile.

Assistant County Lawyer Shane Simonds, the lead prosecutor, acknowledged to the newspaper that the resolution was lenient in the case against Laura Bultman, a former chief healthcare officer of Vireo Well being, and Ronald Owens, a former chief safety officer.

But Simonds mentioned that was due to the fact the defendants didn’t have criminal records.

Also, it was the initial time Minnesota had dealt with the challenge of healthcare marijuana merchandise becoming transported across state lines.

Vireo, which operates in Minnesota as Minnesota Healthcare Options, wasn’t charged in the case.

Healthcare marijuana providers in the state now can be fined $250,000 if caught transporting item across state lines, Simonds told the newspaper.

In addition, Minnesota courts agreed with prosecutors that the activity is illegal.

“The providers are on notice that this is a criminal act,” Simonds mentioned. “I felt that was a enough way of deterring future conduct.”

Vireo trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange below the ticker symbol VREO and on the U.S. more than-the-counter markets as VREOF.

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