Recent Wave of Illnesses and Contaminants Pushing Customers to Organic Cannabis



Customers often complain about the disadvantages of the legal market – mainly when it comes to pricing. Some, however, also argue that legal cannabis is inferior in quality to the unregulated product found on the streets or in grey market dispensaries.

But according to Newswire, recent events prompted many naysayers to change their attitudes, swinging the pendulum in favour of the legal market in both Canada and the U.S.

The black market is still a major presence and will continue to exist for quite some time, but the new demand for clean, safe cannabis threatens to take a serious bite out of illicit sales.


Organic Cannabis


The term “organic” has become a trendy buzzword among health enthusiasts. Chemicals and GMOs scared the public (more than they should) and created the organic food market we see today.

The same trend is happening now. Thanks to the vaping crisis and reports of tainted cannabis popping up in the media, marijuana users are careful to educate themselves on contaminants and ingredients.

Newswire predicts:


“As cannabis consumers become more educated on the value of buying organically grown cannabis, the market for such products will likely take off. Not only is organic cannabis safer for consumption and environmentally sustainable, but it also offers a more robust flavor profile and better quality effect for the user.”


It is important to note that “organic” cannabis is not to be confused with “premium” cannabis, the latter which is considered to be high quality but still uses pesticides and other chemicals during the growing process.


Competitive Advantage


The beauty of offering organic cannabis is that it opens the door to a growing niche market that could very well become mainstream. When marketed properly, organic cannabis can be highly lucrative.

Newswire explains:

“…companies like Canada’s The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX:TGOD) (OTCQX:TGODF) and US-based Citation Growth Corp. (CSE:CGRO) (OTCQX:CGOTF) are offering certified organic cannabis. But it is organically grown cannabis that is becoming a differentiating factor for cannabis companies in an increasingly competitive market. What’s more, offering organic products allows companies to sell their products for 26% more than regular-grade cannabis…”


The current mass panic does not hurt sales either, turning people to organic cannabis out of both preference and necessity.


Customers are Sold


It did not take a lot of time to convince the general public that there is more to marijuana than simple pricing:


“According to Brightfield Group, nearly half of the cannabis consumers they surveyed…32% would dish out more money for certified organic products and 30% said they’d willingly pay more for lab-tested cannabis.”


In Canada, “certified organic cannabis” is a rare gem. It is so rare that The Green Organic Dutchman is the only licensed producer to offer this product, allowing them to completely dominate the market – at least for now.

The same applies to Citation Growth Corp., whose market is limited to its home state of Nevada due to federal prohibition.


WeedAdvisor’s Emphasis on Product Quality


We understand that “quality” cannabis goes beyond its therapeutic or recreational effects. Recent news makes it abundantly clear that cannabis can pose a serious health hazard when not grown or processed safely.

WeedAdvisor fully supports the sale of safe, regulated products, which is why all of our strain reviews come from legitimate licensed sources.

Feel free to visit our product reviews page for a full list of descriptions, with new ones added daily from Canada and legal U.S. dispensaries.


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