Travel Warnings for Health-related and Recreational Marijuana Customers


Due to the fact marijuana is nonetheless an illegal substance at the federal level, traveling with it can be difficult. No matter if you are a health-related or recreational user in 1 of the a lot of states exactly where it is now a legal substance, marijuana requires to be transported inside the scope of the law. State suggestions and traveling laws differ, so it is going to be critical to do a tiny study just before you hit the road.

Can I Fly with Marijuana?

According to the TSA web page, some merchandise that are FDA-authorized or that include significantly less than .three% THC content material might be in a position to be transported in carry-on luggage and checked bags. This is, of course, inside the realm of federal, state, and regional laws. It ought to also be noted that TSA does not especially screen or search for illegal drugs, but if they come about to locate them whilst finishing a safety screen, they will be essential to make contact with a law enforcement officer.

As a basic rule of thumb, it is much better not to fly with your stash.

Having said that, as far more states legalize their usage, some airports are altering their stance on marijuana transport by passengers. Some now let intrastate travel for customers, supplied that their boarding passes can prove their location. Other folks will make you throw it out, like that oversized bottle of water that you are not permitted to take on board.

It is not worth the threat. Just before you travel, find out the laws. If you have to fly, make contact with the airports that you will be making use of and see what their policies let. Health-related customers ought to constantly carry their health-related card, along with a different piece of documentation that explains advised or “prescribed” usage for verification purposes.

What About Driving?

Once more, you have to have to know the guidelines of your state relating to traveling with marijuana. Also, you ought to never ever cross into a state exactly where it is nonetheless illegal when you are driving. Even if you are just passing by way of, you could threat getting stopped and cited for possession. It just is not worth it.

Critical Tip: Washington, D.C. and all U.S. national parks are regarded “federal sovereigns”, which suggests that federal law trumps any other state/regional laws. Consequently, possession in these places will pretty much constantly outcome in federal criminal charges.

You might be in a position to travel with marijuana in some states devoid of breaking the law. Having said that, it is nonetheless illegal in all 50 states to be beneath the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst driving. These substances can impair your driving skills, which can make a large security threat.

No International Travel

You ought to never ever travel abroad with a controlled substance of any sort, which includes prescription drugs.

The laws and legal processes in other nations differ drastically, so it is most effective to travel proactively to stay away from any problems. Becoming arrested or cited in a different nation could turn your trip into a nightmare extremely immediately.

The Bottom Line

If you use marijuana for a health-related purpose, it is going to be in your most effective interest to do some study ahead of time so that you can make the important travel arrangements or strategy your destinations accordingly.


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