Kansas Legislative Committee Approves 1st Actions Toward Legalizing Health-related Cannabis



The Special Committee on Federal and State Affairs has recommended that Kansas lawmakers take the first steps toward considering medical cannabis legislation in the state.

The legislative committee recommended Oct. 30 that legislators consider allowing registered medical cannabis patients from other states to use their medical cannabis products in Kansas, although Kansas residents would not be authorized to use medical cannabis obtained in other states, according to a local WDAF-TV report.

The committee also recommended that Kansas study Ohio’s medical cannabis program, which limits patients to a 90-day supply of products and prohibits smokable cannabis, according to the news outlet.

Kansas’ 2020 legislative session kicks off in January and lawmakers are expected to take a crack at new cannabis policy reform legislation, although past attempts have all stalled in the face of staunch opposition in the state.

This year’s attempt at reform, a medical cannabis legalization bill, never made it out of committee in the House.

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