Malaysia Considers Total E-Cigarette Ban


Final April, Wellness Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, had announced a new bill while pointing out that presently tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are regulated beneath unique directives. Cigarettes are regulated by the Manage of Tobacco Item Regulations 2004 beneath the Meals Act 1983, even though e-cigarette liquid containing nicotine, falls beneath the Poisons Act 1952. “The new bill will underline all regulations and controls on e-cigarettes and vapes, like the sales suggestions,” he mentioned in the report.

Dr Dzulkefly had mentioned that the aim was to submit the new act to the Lawyer General’s Chambers (AGC) for critique by the finish of the year. On the other hand, two months ago, the ministry had mentioned that the events which took location in the US, had improved the urgency to critique the policies, and the final draft of the Act has currently been completed and submitted for a final critique .

“A detailed study is essential to critique the need to have for enforcing a total ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes and vapes.” Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad, Wellness Minister

In spite of this, the most recent update by Wellness Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad is that a total ban is now getting regarded as. “A detailed study is essential to critique the need to have for enforcing a total ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes and vapes,” he mentioned, adding that the ministry had set up a committee to appear into the matter.

Is this ban a wise move?

At present, an approximate 25% of Malaysia’s population smokes, and this price can be partly attributed to the lack of harm reduction/smoking cessation initiatives, by nearby lawmakers. Earlier this year, shadow finance minister and former minister of youth and sports Khairy Jamaluddin, had expressed his opinion about the use of e-cigarettes as harm reduction tools. “I’m a lot more for harm reduction, which signifies you attempt to minimise the adverse effects. It is the thought that specific addictions can be re-routed towards significantly less-dangerous, non-lethal behaviour,” mentioned Jamaluddin.

Indonesia is thinking about a comparable measure

Meanwhile, the overall health ministry of Indonesia, the world’s second greatest tobacco marketplace just after China, is similarly thinking about a bill that would implement a total ban on vaping. Anung Sugihantono, the Wellness Ministry’s director common of illness manage and prevention, mentioned that the government is revising present vaping regulations. “The ministry’s stance is constant: we want to ban, not limit, vaping and e-cigarettes.”

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