AZ County to Let Cannabis Offenders Go If They Get a Medical Card After Arrest

Maricopa Country Cannabis Law

1 day ago
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Maricopa Country Cannabis Law

According to Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, a new rule states that anyone who is arrested in the county for a simple cannabis possession charge can avoid prosecution by obtaining an Arizona medical marijuana card.

“In cases where the defendant was not in compliance with the AMMA [Arizona Medical Marijuana Act] at the time of the crime solely because the person did not have a valid medical marijuana card, MCAO will dismiss a charge involving any crime covered by the AMMA if the defendant obtains a medical marijuana card and provides proof by the IPTC,” Phoenix New Times reported.

IPTC stands for Initial Pretrial Conference Hearing. The IPTC can be scheduled up to 45 days after the person’s arrest, which allows adequate time for the arrested person(s) to obtain a medical cannabis card.

Adel’s new rule is part of multiple new policies that are focused on helping the community and individuals by taking a treatment-first approach to drug-related cases.

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