Sunset Sherbet by Bold Cultivation

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Amco medical review of Sunset sherbet by bold. We are terpene chasing with this strain. This sample testing 14.3 % THC and 0.029% CBD. Label states its harvest date is is 8/3/20 and packed 4 days later on 8/17/20. The genetics of this strain is a female girl scout cookie bred to a male pink panther strain.

The Look

This five bud eighth is a pleasure to the eyes. The Greens ,purples and even some orange coloration on the same bud this looks amazing. It dosen’t have the best trim job on it buts its tricombs packed nuggets are sure to be remediable. Well give it a Amco high opinion of 9.

The Smell

The nose on this sample is remarkable. Its a sent reminds me of a morning bowl of fruity pebbles.the top four terpenes commonly found in this variety cannabis is beta carrophile, limonene, fenchol, and Humulene. The Fenchol terpene is one you don’t see often its known for its earthy notes the similar aroma to bay leafs.

The Cure

There is not a huge amount of amber heads on the tricombs. I’d guess more than 70 % are clouded though . I was able to get some good shots of the heads for you guys and gals. The squeeze test is passed as well well give Sunset Sherbet a Amco High Opinion 8.

The Taste

Dark Berry and fruit notes transfer from the smell to the taste. The over all taste is pleasant and not to skunkie for the patients whom want something to taste less dank like this may be just for you Amco High Opinion 8.

The Effect

I rolled up ths sample in a Ocb Virgin paper, .5 grams and gave it a light. The euphoria was surprising at the THC labels, it just goes to show that THC is not ever the relying factor. After this half gram joint; I benefited from a reduction of nerve pain by a number and muscle pain by 2. There seems to be a mood balancing effects as well. I think this terpy flower will have even greater appeal when the THC levels go up a little cause its effecting even at these numbers. Effect Amco High opinion of 7


Amco High Opinion of 8 overall. This flower is a tool in the tool chest of pain patients for when you do not need to be extra intoxicated but still need some relief. I do look forward to future cuttings.

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