Who is Thoughts Remedy Wellness?

The Compass Pathways’ announcement that it is filing for a NASDAQ listing has been producing most of the headlines in the psychedelics space in current days.

Flying below the radar, a further private corporation is also moving to go public. Thoughts Remedy Wellness Inc., primarily based out of Vancouver, Canada, just filed its IPO prospectus on Sedar on August 27, 2020.

Go by means of the nuts-and-bolts of Thoughts Cure’s current operations, and it is all about “functional mushrooms”. Functional mushrooms are a big-and-developing marketplace in the dynamic nutritional supplements space – currently pegged at $23 billion per year (in 2019) by Mordor Intelligence.

Thoughts Remedy has an current solution line of functional mushroom solutions (“Moonbeam”), for which it is developing each an on-line and brick-and-mortar distribution network.

Having said that, the Organization states its enterprise model in considerably a lot more basic terms.

Thoughts Remedy is a mental well being and wellness corporation with a mission to determine, create and commercialize solutions that improve mental well being and wellness, ease suffering and boost productivity.

Far more than just functional mushrooms.

Thoughts Cure’s extra plans as a well being &amp wellness corporation turn out to be apparent when it discusses its R&ampD plans in the prospectus.

As component of its mission to determine, create, and commercialize solutions that improve mental well being and wellness, ease suffering and boost productivity, Thoughts Remedy intends to evaluate the prospective legal and industrial viability of the use of psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin as component of its solution candidates. Thoughts Remedy does not at the moment have any solutions below improvement that make use of or involve psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin.

Thoughts Remedy believes that each the functional and psychedelic mushroom solutions marketplace is a considerable enterprise chance and plans to be in position to take component in this emerging sector. [emphasis mine]

Thoughts Remedy, like most of the psychedelics startups, is operating toward a Canadian listing on the CSE. It is in search of to raise involving CAD$1 million and CAD$two.six million for its qualifying transaction.

Functional and psychedelic mushrooms, and other psychedelics R&ampD as effectively (per the prospectus).

This is becoming a certain niche inside the bigger psychedelic drug market. Why?

We will connect the dots right here in an upcoming investor function.

Compass Pathways might extremely probably turn out to be a core holding in the psychedelic drug sector immediately after it goes public. But as investors appear to broaden and diversify their psychedelics portfolio, functional-and-psychedelic mushroom organizations like Thoughts Remedy Wellness offer you a new game-strategy for investors.

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