Nevada Cannabis Jobs and Marijuana Careers

Nevada Cannabis Jobs and Cannabis Careers. Planet 13 sign.
Nevada Cannabis Jobs and Cannabis Careers. Planet 13 sign.Nevada Cannabis Jobs and Cannabis Careers. Planet 13 sign.

Nevada Cannabis Jobs and Marijuana Careers

Nevada cannabis jobs and marijuana careers are ripe for the choosing. If you have the appropriate connections and know your weed, you can get hired by 1 of the state’s several pot organizations. The state employs thousands of complete-time pot workers and the job numbers retain increasing. Now’s your time to get began on your profession in the Silver State’s pot market.

Sector Snapshot: Nevada

Nevada’s weed market place has shown to be 1 of the most robust in the nation. In 2019, the state sold $639 million of weed. The state employed 14,305 complete-time pot jobs according to a Leafly Jobs Report for 2020. A major portion of its sales come from vacationers going to the state’s pot hot spots. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a dent in sales, as properly as in several extra states.

A report commissioned by the Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) titled “2020 Marijuana Financial &amp Fiscal Positive aspects Evaluation: Nevada” shows huge sales development for the state. Even so, the report predates COVID-19. The study identified that the state will attain $956 million in sales by 2024. The state is poised for good results, in spite of the present state of affairs.

Specifications to Operate in the Sector

If you strategy on functioning for a weed small business in the state, you have to be 21 years or older. All pot workers have to have to get a weed establishment agent card. Agent cards are accessible in dispensary, cultivation, distributor, production, and laboratory categories. Some organizations may possibly demand you to get up to two cards at after.

You will have to have to fill out an agent card application and spend a $75 charge. You have to have to contain if you will be functioning for a health-related, adult-use, or hybrid shop. The application consists of a criminal background verify and fingerprinting. An agent card is valid for 1 year from the date of situation.

You have to not have been convicted of an excluded felony offense inside the final ten years. You will not be in a position to get an agent card if you have been convicted of a violent or drug-associated felony. Individuals who have been convicted of two felonies of any sort in any state are not in a position to receive a license.

Most entry-level pot jobs may possibly demand a higher college diploma or basic education degree (GED). Some entry-level jobs may possibly only have to have a couple of months of associated encounter or coaching. Hold in thoughts, some retailers may possibly demand an more operate card from the city for an more charge.

Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Nevada became the very first state in which employers are banned from making use of pre-employment drug tests for pot. As soon as you get the job, nevertheless, they can nonetheless do random drug testing. The policy alter tends to make some exceptions for security-sensitive jobs. These jobs contain firefighters, EMTs, and individuals who operate autos.

Dispensary Jobs

Dispensaries are the lifeblood of the retail market place. They deliver shoppers with a wide variety of entire-flower and infused goods. Some retailers may possibly be a easy brick-and-mortar shop with show instances complete of weed goods. Other folks, like Planet 13 in Las Vegas, are a mega warehouse of interactive experiences. They demand tons of employees.


Budtenders are in charge of educating consumers and promoting weed. They’re in charge of answering consumer queries. They will have to have to upsell goods to meet month-to-month quotas. Budtenders have to comply with all money handling policies. They’ll have to have to keep an organized operate location. They’ll record money intake at the finish of the shift. Budtenders make among $ten-$15 an hour.

Inventory Handle

As an inventory agent, you are in charge of making sure that the inventory is correct and accounted for at all instances. Everyday activities contain inventory audits. You will be stocking the showroom in a way that will drive sales. You may possibly have to have to submit operate orders for purchasing extra goods. Inventory assistants can earn among $14 and $15 an hour.

Safety Guard

Safety guards safeguard the facility, inventory, and employees. As a safety officer, you will have to have to appear for suspicious activity. You may possibly have to have to apprehend individuals if required. You will be patrolling the creating and its perimeter consistently. You will be monitoring video cameras and alarm systems. Very first help and CPR coaching may possibly be essential. Safety officers can make about $14 an hour.

Cultivation Jobs

Licensed pot shops are in a position to develop their personal provide. There are not any really hard limits unless stated by county or city. A increasing quantity of growers are deciding upon to use greenhouses to decrease production charges. Greenhouses assist overcome the harsh desert climate in regions such as Southern Nevada.


Weed trimmers are in charge of cutting flowers from the plant. They can operate a complete eight-hour shift. They may possibly be in charge of weighing and packaging the final item. Trimmers have to have to know how to sanitize their workplace to retain goods fresh. Bud trimmers can make among $9-$14 an hour in the state.

Cultivation Technician

A increasing assistant requires on a couple of extra duties compared to trimmers. Expanding activities contain defoliation, trimming, watering, packaging, transplanting clones, and extra. You are in charge of feeding the plants. You will monitor plants all through their life cycle. Expanding assistants can earn among $12 and $14 an hour.

Production Jobs

Weed edibles, topicals, tinctures, and extracts deliver a selection of selections to customers. Customers rely on a provide chain of pot chefs, high-quality assurance supervisors, kitchen assistants, and packaging assistants. They are in charge of generating a secure and compliant item.

Production Assistant

Production assistants assist all through the infused weed production procedure. You will have to carry out standard kitchen duties such as measuring components. You will guarantee all components are totally stocked. You will help in cleaning and organizing the meals preparation regions and gear. You can earn among $12-$14 an hour.

Extraction Jobs

Extraction technicians operate closed-loop extractors and refining gear. They deal with harmful chemical compounds and solvents. Technicians have to have among 1 to 3 years of extraction laboratory encounter. They have to have to be familiar with solvent extraction, distillation, winterization, and extra. An extraction technician can earn among $18 and $22 per hour.


Weed organizations are not an island. They rely on a host of ancillary enterprises for several solutions. These contain accounting, advertising and marketing, IT, banking, sales, and extra. You do not have to operate straight with weed to be a portion of this market. Your prior job encounter and capabilities can be applied to several of the pot and ancillary jobs accessible.

Nevada Cannabis College

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