Papa & Barkley Introduce Plant-Based Skincare Infused with Clean Cannabis

EUREKA, Calif. – Papa & Barkley, the leading California cannabis wellness brand today introduced a powerful new line of THC-infused skincare products: Releaf THC Body Lotion, Releaf 1:3 Body Oil, and Releaf 1:1 Repair Cream. A complete, cannabinoid-rich regimen for all skin types to help boost skin health, moisturize, and keep skin looking radiant and youthful.

Papa & Barkley is one of the first brands to infuse fresh-pressed rosin into its skincare products, making them uniquely effective. Rosin is a golden sap-like substance made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant – the fruit of the flower. Papa & Barkley’s process uses only slight heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids, it is free of solvents and chemicals, meaning the rosin is pure and maintains the full spectrum of all the nutrients in the plant. Since the plant has the most therapeutic potential when kept intact, rosin infusion results in products that are more potent and efficacious than products made using traditional THC isolate- or distillate- based processes.


Papa & Barkley’s skincare line is part of the clean beauty movement, meaning its skincare products are free of parabens, sulfates, formaldehydes, mineral oil, and phthalates, and made with clean, 100% natural ingredients carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties.

“From our beginning, Papa & Barkley has been dedicated to making best in class wellness products that are clean and solvent free, potent and efficacious. Our skincare products are designed with those same values in mind. Whether you’re struggling with acne, hoping to reduce age spots, or just taking great care of your skin, there now is a Papa & Barkley skincare product you can turn to,” says Founder and CEO Adam Grossman.

California’s iconic dispensary, Harborside, will be one of the first shops to carry Papa & Barkley’s full skincare suite. “There’s been tremendous growth in the area of cannabis skincare, with consumers specifically seeking out products with natural, clean ingredients,” said Alexis Mora, Head of Marketing at Harborside Group. “Papa & Barkley is already beloved amongst consumers for its high-quality, efficacious formulations. We’re excited to carry the brand’s new suite of THC-infused skincare products to demonstrate the range of healing properties available from the cannabis plant.”

Papa & Barkley’s Skincare Suite. (Image:

Papa & Barkley’s new skincare products are now available online and in dispensaries throughout California. To learn more about Papa & Barkley’s Skincare Suite, visit

About Papa & Barkley
Papa & Barkley™️

™️ is the #1 California cannabis wellness brand that creates highly effective, natural products that unlock the healing potential of the cannabis plant. All of our products are made using solventless, whole plant infusion processes with sun-grown cannabis and hemp flowers grown in the United States and produced in our licensed, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
Papa & Barkley was inspired by a son’s mission to ease his father’s debilitating back pain. Today we are committed to caring for our loved ones by producing safe, natural, and efficacious products using the whole plant. Our clean, chemical-free products are offered in THC-rich, CBD-rich, and Hemp CBD formulas, to address a variety of needs.

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