Why Michigan’s Recreational Marijuana Business Is not Assisting These Harmed by Drug Policies

Why Michigan’s Recreational Marijuana Industry Isn’t Helping Those Harmed by Drug Policies

Michigan is nonetheless grappling with how to implement its new legal recreational marijuana industry. And it turns out through the pandemic, the industry is booming.

As Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry expands, a lot of communities are attempting to construct social equity measures into their licensing approach. The purpose is to give people today who have been disproportionately impacted by damaging anti-drug laws additional possibilities to open retail shops.

In order to unpack the equity piece of the new market, MichMash hosts Cheyna Roth and Jake Neher speak with MLive’s Gus Burns, who has been covering marijuana in Michigan for years.

A lot of locations in the state are attempting to figure out how to make the marijuana industry readily available for absolutely everyone, but in Detroit particularly, there’s a lot of conversation about this social equity piece.

There’s generally been a prohibition against marijuana for so extended and it negatively impacted a lot of lives with the law enforcement,” stated Burns. “And generally, people today are, now that it is legal and turned into a business enterprise, they’re attempting to get people today who had been negatively impacted an chance to advantage from that,” he stated. [Read more at WDET]

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