Amco Review of Critical Sensi Star

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This product was bought from HOC in Little rock

Critical Sensi Star is a 90% indica dominate cross of Critical Mass genetics to Seni Star strain. Thais Sample is labels at 25.5% thc and .06 cbd content.Id recommend this strain for someone needing relaxation ,(mental and physically). Its also thought to be good for sleep and to effect a break in symptoms commonly associated with mood disorder.

The Look

This sample is more covered in orange pistils than any sample i recall lately. A 1/8th oz sample presents as 2 ping pong ball size dense nuggets of a frosted celtic green coloration. Accompanied by the 2 impressive buds is 2 smaller popcorn buds as well . Amco High Opinion on look is a 8.


The Smell

The nose on this Osage creek grown Critical Sensi Star is mostly skunk and dark berry notes. Some say there picking up a pine sent as well. These scents are caused by high levels of myrcene, linalool and pineneen. The dark berry sent is profile common in cannabis. However its not do to one terp as its a conglomeration of terpenes that create that multilayered berry profile.


This Indica dominate shows of to many clear tricombes , leading me to think it was picked too soon. The label as a two week span between the harvest and package. Witch lets us all know there using a increased speed cure to get to market faster. There is little to no amber tricomb heads present on this sample. I am impressed with the quickness the buds regain there shape after a squeeze test. The couchlock and medical benefit to me would be increased by a longer grow cycle and more Amber tricomes. With all considered well give a Amco High Opinion of 7 on the cure.

In side shot of tricombes that are protected from trimmers Notice NO tricomb decap


A half gram sample rolled in a OCB virgin with tip was prepared for this review. Then i draw air threw the joint wile unlit called the dry hit. This reveals the myrcene we smelled early is present in the flavior as well as the berry notes. After i fire it up the skunk flavior is lessened and the berry flavior is dominate to me. Amco High Opinion on taste is a 9.



There s a expectorant effect of the pineneen on my chest and sinus. This congestion that i get from the weather this time year. The euphoria is very powerful with this strain new patients. THC naive people be sparingly with your dose untill your comfortably medicated. Full muscle relaxation was achieved in just a couple hits. The nerve pain was diminished fairly well considering the pain caused from the coughing lol. The effect is a 9.5 out of 10

Over all Amco High Opinion of 8.3 for treatment of symptoms of pain and ptsd.

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