Cannabis, house prices and Guy Fawkes night

Green Party MP Chloe Swarbrick reacts to the outcome of the cannabis referendum. Photo / Herald file

With the cannabis vote now on hold for another time, it is interesting to look back over the weeks leading up to the vote. There was, it seemed, a lot of emotion and little fact in the presentation of information on both sides of the argument. Hardly surprising as people’s fears and anxieties over “free” access conjured images of smoking places, drugged young people and little responsibilities of self ownership for health. It was at times a passionate argument and personal.

But should it have been? We of the Boomer generation should be able to recall vivid pictures or memories of smelling sweet joints at many festivals and functions in the 60s. We should remember watching on television Robert Stack and his Untouchables fighting crime in Chicago’s 1930s prohibition era. It was real life dramatised where alcohol was banned and gang warfare boomed. The dangers of prohibiting something…

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