Edible Halloween Bundle

If adding another capsule to your daily wellness routine is not for you, try some delicious CBD snacks with CBDBound’s Edible Bundle! These delicious and wholesome treats offer a simple and neat way to get a dose of cannabidiol without the hassle or mess of tinctures or capsules. Take them in the morning with your vitamins or anytime of the day for a wholesome snack that loves you back; CBD can help you manage aches and pain, ease a tense or anxious mind, and aid in overall wellness. The Helping Friendly Broad-Spectrum Soft Chews in the sweet mango flavor each deliver 50mg of CBD in a delectable gummy that makes your wellness routine feel like a luxurious indulgence. Treat yourself to a CBDfx Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookie and delight in these decadent baked cookies with 13g of plant-based protein and 20mg CBD in each package. These wholesome cookies make a great snack, delicious treat in your lunchbox, or addition to a daily routine. The Nirvana CBD Gummies offer 25mg of cannabidiol each, perfect for a quick treat or a sweet goodie to add to your routine. This bundle includes just about everything you need to jumpstart your wellness with some wholesome cannabidiol that feels like treating yourself to something delicious instead of feeling like a hassle. Try the CBDBound Edible Bundle today and get your CBD the delicious way!

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