Here’s what we know about marijuana legalization in Montana

Montana voters passed two ballot initiatives Tuesday, paving the way for the state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Both ballot measures were required to pass in order for recreational marijuana use to be permitted in the state.

Just because the measures passed, though, doesn’t mean you can go out and buy it just yet. The state will still need to set up rules, regulations and begin the process for applications for dispensaries.

As of the measures passing, here’s what we know about recreational marijuana in Montana.

What does the legalization of marijuana mean in Montana?

The passage of complementary ballot initiatives I-90 and CI-118 has legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults in the state over the age of 21.

I-90 creates rules for marijuana use, as well as a 20% tax on sales of recreational marijuana by licensed vendors. It also allows the option for individual counties to prohibit dispensaries through a public vote.

CI-118 amends the Montana Constitution to set the minimum buying age of marijuana to 21.

The authors of I-90 claim it will generate around $48 million annually in tax revenue and licensing fees by 2025. [Read more at Great Falls Tribune]

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