Will marijuana help with my insomnia?


My state of SD recently just legalized recreational marijuana and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve only ever smoked weed once (although at the time I know I did it completely wrong and never got an effect from it) and want to try it more now that it will soon be legal to buy and smoke.

I’ve always struggled with insomnia and ha be tried many medications to combat my insomnia. I also have ADHD and also take adderall for that. My question is, will weed help with my insomnia? I know smoking it makes you relaxed and helps with anxiety, but I also know weed affects REM sleep and stops you from dreaming. Will this affect my quality of sleep? Am I better off with sticking with my sleep medications?

Regardless I want to try smoking weed and try it, but the main reason I want to use it for insomnia is because smoking it works almost instantly. When I take my sleep medication it’s a complete gamble on when it will kick in. Sometimes my medication works in 30min and then sometimes it takes 3 hours to feel the effects. This makes it hard for me to plan on when I m going to go to bed.

Any advice would help!

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