Effective Carprofen Alternative?

Bella, our 12-year-old lab is in noticeable pain getting around. We have a four-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer and a one-year-old Lab-Aussie Shepherd mix, both of whom can run almost 24/7. Bela tries her best to keep up, but it is painful to watch her limp around at the end of the day from her joint pain.

Earlier this year, we put her on 72mg of Carprofen and within days, she was getting around like a puppy. She was able to run and jump and it was like having a new dog. Unfortunately our vet said that her follow-up blood work showed elevated kidney/liver problems and wouldn’t let her have it any longer.

We have tried CBD chews, but they haven’t really helped. She wants so bad to go on our walks, but we know that it hurts her later on.

Does anyone know of something as effective as Carprofen that doesn’t have the negative side-effects?

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