AMCO Review of Flo OG farmed by NSM and sold by Green Springs Medical

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Green Springs is located in Hot Springs Ar

Source Info

Flow OG is a genetic cross of Flo x Rare Darkness #1 giving it a 70% Indica dominate ratio. After digging online, I scanned the QR code and it provided me the total THC 17.6% and the CBD 0.42%.

The Look

This Flo OG is a very silver toned green color flower with light purple spots and golden pistils. The 1/8th sample was made up of 8 buds. One the largest ones just about the size of a ping pong ball. The other seven nuggs ranged from small to large marble in size. AMCO High opinion of 8 out 10. CODE 420amco For 10% off

The Smell

The dominate scent I smell from this Flo OG is a sweet, yet musty damp earth aroma. The more I dig I pick up Pinenene pine scent and Humulenne’s pepper notes. The total terpene quantification is 1.11%. According to the lab report the terps present are Caryophyllene Oxide,B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, B-Myrcene, A-Pinenne , Beta-pinnene And lastly Terpinol terpene. Thank you to Natural State Medicinal for providing the Lab report Terp test and the QR code to retrieve it.

The Cure

This sample shows many opaque tricombs and about 10% has a yellowing or ambering bulbous tricomb heads. However the moisture content in this sample is extremely dry. While scissoring the flower the bud just exploded tricombs ever where.If you pick up this strain make sure to use a re-humidifing pack before you injest. I was able to fix the Rh on this sample with a few hours in a jar with a belvida pack. Amco High Opinion of 7 of 10.

The Taste

I wrapped this .5 gram sample in unbleached OCB Virgin paper so not to muddle the flavors. The terpenes that are most noticeable to my taste buds are a pleasing mixture of Myrcene, Humulene and Pinenene on the inhale and Limonene and Linalool on the exhale.The only terp that is talking too much is the pepper notes of Caryophyllene .

Thanks to Ocb for providing the paper for this review

The Effect

With such a wide terpene content this strain is widely applicable for many symptoms. The Top 3 terps and what they bring to the strain, Caryophyllene Oxid makes it a good pain reliever. Its A-Humulene is known for its anti tumor properties. The third most plentiful terp is limonene is known to be a great mood stabilizer. I personally experienced a reduction of pain , both nerve and chronic type pain were droped by two points. Muscle relaxation a reduction of 2 as well. This strain is not as sedative of intoxication as I thought it would be. Amco High Opinion on effect is 9 of 10.


Over all I give this strain and sample a 8 of 10. I will use this product and will look for it again on the next crop.

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