Why CBD Flower Instead of Weed?

It’s cheap as fuck and way more convenient than buying illegal weed. It’s also like 95% likely to cause a good time, whereas weed is about 60% likely to bring a good time for me. Weed’s good times are more intensely good, but the risk of having a bad time is pretty high (and bad times with weed really suck).

The price thing is possibly the more important factor. I really like that I don’t have to be a fiend about hemp. I can just toss a roach or dump out the end of a bowl if it starts tasting stale/nasty. With weed, I can’t afford to make decisions like that and I often end up doing embarrassing things to save the herb.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like THC quite a bit, but it usually makes more sense for me to use hemp, all things considered.

In a few months, I’ll hopefully start growing both THC and CBD flower and I won’t have to worry about the cost difference so much.

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