Large Rise In Sales Of Weed Booze And Takeaway Food During US Election

Americans who were enduring the lengthy wait to see who would be the next President gorged themselves on weed, booze, and food whilst they waited, it turns out.

It might not come as much of a surprise, but alcohol, marijuana, and takeaway scran were top of the agenda for many people in the good ‘ol US of A on Tuesday and Wednesday, with much of the country settling in to see the results of the race for the White House.

Well, they didn’t get it on either of those nights. In fact, it was only yesterday that a winner was finally announced.

However, that didn’t stop them getting their smoke, or drink, or eat on. We all deal with these sorts of anxiety inducing situations differently, don’t we?

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

This news was reported initially by the Los Angeles Times, but it ain’t just on the West Coast of the States that a surge occurred.

In fact, Boston based alcohol delivery service Drizly said that they experienced a 68 percent rise in sales from the previous four Tuesdays on average.

It gets even more pronounced when you break it down. Washington DC saw a 133 percent rise, New York rose 110 percent, and 35 percent in Los Angeles.

There was also a 17 percent rise in sales of weed for marijuana delivery service Eaze, which is based in California, which is one of the states where pot is legal.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Interestingly enough, many of the products ordered were pre-rolled joints and vape devices, suggesting – or at least, as Eaze spokesperson Elizabeth Ashford reckons – that ‘consumers were looking for products that would provide faster onset effects.’

Yes, we could all use a bit of something to take the edge off by the time the election was over.

Google Trends reported that a large number of ‘food near me’ searches came in on Tuesday night, too.

Takeaway Pints And Alcohol Sales Banned Under Second Lockdown Rules
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Pizza was the big winner on the night – at least something won on the night – with Chinese food and delivery booze also featuring strongly.

To be fair, even though Joe Biden has been confirmed as the projected winner, and looks set to become the 46th President, it’s unlikely that Donald Trump will leave office without a fight.

He’s already started the legal challenges and carping on about ‘stealing the election’ without presenting any substantial evidence or proof.

Perhaps it’ll lead to more Americans getting stuck into the weed, booze, and take-out over the coming weeks?

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