10 Essential Tips to Increase Your Cannabis Yield

You want to start growing your own cannabis and are pretty confused and a little nervous. You have no idea how to grow the best cannabis plants since you’ve never grown them before! Or perhaps you’re already a cannabis farmer and want to take it to the next level. Whatever your situation, are you a cannabis farmer or prospect farmer keen on increasing your yield? In this article, I highlight advanced cannabis growing techniques that will see you achieve just that.


The technique involves cutting off the top of your weed plants to encourage them to grow thicker and fuller. While cutting off the top of your perfectly healthy plants might sound like a crazy idea, it’s a true method that you won’t regret using. It’ll help your plants grow bushier, leading to a higher yield. Also, topping will keep your plants much wider, exposing them to more light to enable them to grow stronger. Learn more about topping cannabis here.


Fimming involves removing the whole top of your cannabis plants. In addition to encouraging bushy growth, it also increases cola yields. Fimming is particularly effective for young weed plants as it enables them to grow bushier and increases lateral branching and flowering. Learn more about fimming cannabis here


This technique involves removing the small lower branches and the side branches on your plants. It will enable the plants to put all their energy into the main branches. Lollipopping is quite similar to regular pruning. It’s done to avoid a situation where small branches suck all the energy from your plants.

Besides, when you remove those sluggish lower branches that sprout along the base of your plants, you’ll allow better air circulation for your young weed plants. Essentially, lollipopping will get rid of those extra and unwanted parts of your plants to enable them to grow bigger buds and give you better yields. Learn more about lollipopping cannabis plants here.

Low-stress training (LST)

LST involves bending your plants’ branches slowly to guide them to grow in a certain direction. It’s not any different from putting braces on teeth. Is it okay to stress plants, you might ask. Well, like braced teeth, plants undergo stress too. The bending of their stems helps to get them into a shape that ensures they fit into the available space and grow in the right direction. Learn more about LST here

Monster cropping

Monster cropping results in many flowering plants. It involves taking clones of plants during the flowering phase and replanting them. When you take clones of your cannabis plants during flowering, the clones quickly flower as well. Therefore, you end up with many flowering plants at once.

One advantage of flowering clones is their ability to grow bushy with many side branches and nodes. What’s more, you won’t have to keep the mother plant for the clones to grow. In most cases, the mother plant grows big and spreads out, taking up valuable space. When you replant many flowering clones, you increase your yield and maximize your space.

Super cropping

Many cannabis farmers know how difficult it is to manage height in an indoor garden. It’s not uncommon to come across plant strains that want to become trees. Super cropping involves bending your plants once to get them to new horizontal positions. But before that, you’ll need to choose where to bend your plants and in what direction. You’ll then hold your plants’ stems in your fingers and pinch them, twist them a little, and bend them. Before then, you want to ensure the stems are soft enough to enable you to bend them and not break them. You can achieve a 90-degree angle. This will not only allow for extra space but also for buds to start growing again. This can be a great way to increase yield, especially if your plant species can endure the stress. The technique is also known as high-stress training. Learn more about super cropping cannabis plants.

Screen of green

This technique involves attaching a screen, such as chicken wire or netting, at a height above your cannabis plants. The technique ensures that the plants only grow to the height you’ve chosen. After that, they start to grow to the sides, making them wider. Shorter, wider plants ensure maximum light exposure, resulting in healthy plants with high yields. Learn more on the scrog method.

Sea of green (SOG)

This technique lets you grow many small plants. It’s particularly a great method if you’re short on time and you need your plants short due to height restrictions. It involves putting many small plants close together in your space. By packing them in so tightly, you restrict their room for growth but ensure there isn’t any wasted space or wasted light.

With this technique, your plants will need a short time to grow and start budding. This will let you harvest your plants quickly. Also, with the restricted space, you won’t need much trimming as your plants are unlikely to grow small branches.


Flushing entails pouring clean water through the soil of plants to flush out all solids and nutrients. The technique is particularly useful if the plants are in distress and need to start with a fresh growing medium and nutrients. If you use a hydroponic system, you’ll need to drain the reservoir water and refill it with plain fresh water. Flushing will force your plants to use all the nutrients stored inside them. If such nutrients are in excess or unused, they can alter the quality and taste of the final yield. Further, flushing at the end brings out preferred characteristics such as a slight color change.


Main-lining ensures your weed plants grow in a certain way using any of the techniques above. It’s aimed at making sure their branches are directly connected to the main stem. On regular plants, the main stems have large branches coming off them, with smaller branches coming off those. As a result, large branches receive more nutrients than small ones. With main-lining, you’ll ensure that all branches get the same amount of nutrients. Learn more on mainlining cannabis plants.

It’s the desire of any cannabis farmer to reap maximum benefits from their venture. We all want to maximize our yields and take our cannabis farming venture to the next level. The above tips are just the beginning of a journey to better and bountiful cannabis yields.

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