(Fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain burning, brain numbness, seeing shooting stars, random panic attacks, feelings of death)

I used to be a huge stoner until just about 2 weeks ago. I am 18 and started smoking at around 15 years old. I would do it my first year like it came out my ass and I quickly learned that tolerance and my physical health had a toll so I really toned it down to just 4-8 times a week. The last two years had continued like this. On Halloween I took a dab and tripped out. I had a heavy nostalgic feeling before getting heart rates spike and feeling I was dying. The next morning I had the symptoms you see above. After this I realized it was my time to stop. I stopped for about a week and the symptoms went away. I smoked again for another week thinking I was okay and those symptoms subsided. Then the week after I had another panic attack off the weed. I smoked thinking I would feel good, but all those symptoms came back and worse. I’ve been trying to quit for two weeks and I’m doing pretty good but it feels like I have all these symptoms still without the weed. I’m afraid one day I will not be able to handle it anymore. Can someone please explain if they have any knowledge of this. I’m desperate and will be seeing a doctor for this soon.

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