First time trying an edible (or any THC, for that matter) was VERY anticlimactic

I’ve never ever in my life tried marijuana so my friend bought my boyfriend and I a 20 mg THC cookie from a dispensary. On the packaging it did not say which strand of cannabis it was.

Our night was hella boring. We each took it at 8pm and stayed up until 1 or 2 am to wait for it to kick in, but not once did either one of us feel “high.”

We both had red eyes and dry mouth as side effects (which I’ve heard is very typical) but other than that, we were both tired. No feeling anything out of the ordinary. No giggling fits. Not feeling on top of the world. Just. Tired. And I had finished a long shift at work so I’m sure a lot of my tiredness was coming from my work day.

Didn’t even feel slightly buzzed, which I was at least expecting. So we finally gave up and just went to bed. It was a huge disappointment.

Did we just get a fluke? Is that the intended effect and our bar was just set too high? I thought eating an edible was supposed to be way more fun than that but we didn’t feel anything and now my boyfriend doesn’t really want to try more THC products.

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