How To Make Weed Brownies

Yield: 24 brownies
Cook time: 4 hours, including decarboxylation and making cannabutter

Chances are, the first time you ever ate an edible it was a weed brownie. In fact, when you hear the words “edibles” or “cook your weed,” there’s a good chance pot brownies come to mind. There is simply no cannabis edible more iconic than the simple, reliable pot brownie — no matter how popular THC gummies, mints, or chocolates get.

It makes sense really. Pot brownies are a cinch to make and the rich chocolate flavor does a good job masking any hint of cannabis. And since it’s a baked dessert, it goes great with a cannabis infused fat like cannabutter. Also, a pan of brownies is perfect for sharing and parceling out the doses as you see fit.

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