Can someone explain what happened?

A little background. I’m real old and haven’t done pot for about 30-40 yrs except for 1/4 of a 125mg gummy my buddy gave me a few weeks ago.

I had a pleasant background buzz from that amount that I wouldn’t even term a stone just the feeling you might get from a glass of wine. Last night I thought I would try it again but took a 1/4 and 1/8 of the same gummy so just slightly more.

I got sooo fucked that even today my head is spinning almost 24 hrs. later. I could barely walk, I vomited and overall had an extremely unpleasant experience that lasted and seems to be lasting waaay too long. I had palpitations, sweats, panting spinning vision and was on the verge of dialing 911. Zero exaggerating or joking.

So what went on? The amount was only slightly more but the effects were entirely out of proportion to the increase in dose.

I am trying this in an effort to hopefully bring down my level of constant impatience, rage and stress that are affecting my health and relationships.

Not sure if I have the fortitude to ever try this again if it is so unpredictable but need something to help me out and I really am reluctant to try meds. Def do not want to EVER repeat last nights experience. thx

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