How To Use CBD Oil

Curious about CBD oil? I recently tried CBD oil for sleep + today I’m sharing my full review of how to use CBD oil.

You might remember that I blogged about CBD gummies before, and I’m happy to say that I still love them. The same company makes CBD oil, and I wanted to give it a try since it seems to be a more multi-purpose. Today I’m sharing the two different oils I used, what I thought and more. If you’ve been interested in how to use CBD oil or what it even is, then today’s post is for you!

How To Use CBD Oil - Curious about CBD oil? I recently tried CBD oil for sleep + today I'm sharing my full review of how to use CBD oil. | CBD Oil for Anxiety - How To Take CBD Oil - How To Use CBD - Relive Everyday CBD - CBD for sleep

How To Use CBD Oil

The first CBD oil that I tried was the Relive Everyday 10mg in Refreshing Mint. I started with the lowest dose, because I wasn’t sure how my body would react.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies – What’s the difference?

Now, what is the difference between oil and gummies? Because the oil is taken sublingually, they have a higher bioavailability than gummies, which feels like a very fancy way of saying…oils work faster, because it enter your body’s circulation more directly.

Relive Everyday CBD Oil Tinctures

How To Take CBD Oil

Okay, so you’ve officially decided to try some CBD oil for yourself – how do you take it? Admittedly, I was intimidated by this, but there is no need to be! It’s very simple. CBD oil is best absorbed by placing the drops underneath your tongue and letting them hang out for around 30 seconds. Because I take my oil at night, I brush my teeth first and then drop the oil underneath my tongue.

It’s very simple (definitely not something to feel intimidated by!) and the oils I chose don’t leave any weird aftertaste (aside from whatever the flavor is).

Relive Everyday CBD Oil Tinctures - REM Sequence

CBD For Sleep

When I discovered that my preferred brand started making oil specifically for sleep, I decided to try it out using the sampler pack. It’s a smaller pack that features all three flavors and a great way to test the water to see if it’s something you will like and use before diving all the way in. It was specifically formulate to help users get to the REM cycle of sleeping and promote a healthier sleep cycle. Like other Relive Everyday products, it is non-habit forming.

My favorite wound up being the CBD Sleep Oil: Orange Dream, because the flavor is really good. I love citrus anything and I could smell it as soon as I opened the package.

Does CBD Oil Taste Weird?

I was very concerned about this, because so many people have warned me about getting bad-tasting oil. “Sure the gummies are great, because they taste like fruit snacks, but the oil is a whole other thing.”

I’m one of those people that needs to try something for myself, but I was still super nervous despite the promised oil flavor. To my pleasant surprise, I didn’t think there was any bad taste (super orange, watermelon and mint-y) and definitely not a weird after taste. I will admit, I didn’t try the Natural flavor, but they do offer it if flavors aren’t your thing.

Relive Everyday CBD Oil Tinctures - REM Sequence

CBD Oil Review

So, what are my thoughts? I was super impressed with both oils, but for very different reasons. Like I mentioned, the first oil I tried was the 10mg Refreshing Mint and I used it in place of my normal nightly gummies.

I did find that I immediately felt more relaxed and even though I was expecting it based on all that I had read, that part sort of surprised me! Like the gummies, I didn’t feel necessarily tired, but definitely in a more relaxed state, which helped me fall asleep faster.

With the REM Series oils, I used the same tactic, taking them at night in place of my gummies. The difference here was that I immediately felt tired. Within 30 minutes of using the oil, I was asleep. The best way to describe the feeling when I woke up is that feeling you get after you take a really good nap and have no idea where you are when you wake up. I know that sounds sort of frightening, but the sleep was so deep and so good. I didn’t feel groggy in the morning.

One thing to note is that the first night I tried the REM Series oil, one of our dogs apparently saw something outside and barked like crazy….and I didn’t hear a thing. This sort of occurrence would normally wake me up and keep me awake for hours. I’m sharing this to emphasize that I truly was in a deep sleep, so if you are the type of person who needs to wake up periodically in the night (parents listening to a monitor, for example), this might not be the best option.

CBD Gummies

If you want to start with CBD gummies like I did (Honest CBD Gummies Review), I buy the assorted flavors of 10mg Re-Assure CBD Gummies.

Okay so let’s chat…have you ever taken CBD products? What are your thoughts?

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