Best Dab Rig Torches to Use

Green dab rig torches next to a cannabis concentrate.
Dabs with a Torch

People are always arguing about the best method of taking a joint. Many seasoned marijuana consumers are turning to dab as it is a fast-acting method of getting high. A dabber needs to have a decent torch for marijuana inhalation. You should have a clear idea about the best dab rig torches to use if you are regularly taking marijuana. Dabbing is the quickest way to get the desired effect from cannabis.

What is Dabbing?

Dabs are concentrated doses of marijuana. THC and other cannabinoids become sticky oils by the extraction process. You probably know these oily substances like wax or shatter. Dabbing means consuming these waxes to get a high volume of cannabis in rapid time. For that, you need extreme heat to turn the mixture into a fume. You will need a nail and a torch to create the necessary temperature for dabbing.

Why Do You Need a Dab Rig Torch?

That’s a good question. You can find a lighter in any weed taker’s pocket and you are right to think, “why can’t I use it for dabbing?” Yes, a lighter can heat your nail. But, a lighter will be risky, time-consuming, and take lots of effort. Whatever concentrate you prefer for dabbing, you will need more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the nail. If you are going to use a lighter, it will take a long time. You may not enjoy your pot while your hand is cramped for holding the lighter for such a long time. The right torch will get more out of your concentrate. You should also remember the right temperature of vaporizing for different types of dab. Wax needs 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while Shatter needs 700 to 800 degrees.

What to Look for in Dab Rig Torches?

1. Type of Gas

There are two types of dab torches on the market-Butane and Propane. Propane torches are large, have a precise flame, and have a higher reach of heat. And, all of these are good if you are working in an industry, but for dabbing, not so much. A butane torch is healthier as it has a clean flame. It does not affect the taste of marijuana. A butane torch is better for dabbing.

2. Safety Features

You need to be careful while using dab torches. You should avoid the cheap torches and look for those with childproof locks or have safeties on the trigger. Also, always buy products that have the temperature controlling feature.

3. Durability

Always think about longevity. Try to buy a torch with a strong base, and thick shell. You don’t want to buy a torch every other month!

4. Refilling

You need to buy something relatively easy to refill. Also, try to buy one with a larger refill container. You don’t want to run out of fuel in the middle of inhaling!

The Best Dab Rig Torches to Use

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Torch

This torch is a bit pricey but you should consider its long list of features before discarding it. The GT800 offers a turbo flame that can give a 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit if necessary. It is comfortable for the hand, and the flame disperses evenly. It has an anti-flare brass nozzle. The torch has an instant ignition system. Only 7.5 inches size means you can carry it all the time.

Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch

There are very few torches that have triple jets and Cinderwitch is one of them. The triple jet makes the distribution of heat more even. It also gives instant heating. You can adjust the flame quite comfortably. The body is under 6 inches. You can control the temperature and start the whole thing with a push button. But, you need to buy the butane separately for this bad boy.

ErrlyBird Torch Art

If you want to look cool, then this torch can be a good fashion statement. This torch is available in lots of designs. While you are not admiring its artistic design, you can heat it to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. This torch comes with a three-month warranty. You can carry it anywhere. It has an instant ignition system, so you can use the dab rig torch in one hand.

EurKitchen “Culinary” Torch

No need to waste such a good torch just in the kitchen! The torch is built with a unique feature that makes it relatively safe to use. You can change the temperature for your purpose. As a culinary torch, it has a long flame and a safety lock. You can reach 2370 degrees Fahrenheit with it. The angle of the nozzle protects your hand from the heat.

Butane Micro Torch

Finding a cheap dab torch is not easy. You can easily have gotten cheated and get a bad one. Butane Micro Torch is not one of those. This 5.5-inch torch is pretty useful. You can get up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit from it. It comes with a safety catch and you can adjust the flame. There is a push ignite button for first-timers. For $15 you can not ask for more.

Power Probe MT Micro Torch

This torch is probably the longest-lasting torch on the market. Some veteran stoners claim its lasted 10 years for them! It has an easy grip and comes with a metal base. Electronic ignition and safety measures make it comfier. The torch is 6.7-inch tall and can go up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The torch is relatively more expensive than others. But, when you take into account its longevity, you should not be bothered about it.

Dabbing is much healthier than traditional smoking. So, if you are searching for the best torch dab rig to use, that means you are not satisfied with the smoking or edibles. The right torch can enhance your experience of dabbing. We tried to give you a guideline before choosing one. If this article can help you with finding the torch for your marijuana, than our job is fulfilled.



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