WSLCB: Its High Time for Homegrow

As each State goes through its legalization aches and pains Washington State is the only one that has not legalized homegrows.

Originally slated for September 6th in Olympia but rescheduled to the 20th, The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board will hear testimony in regards to the necessity of homegrows.

The following is my testimony which includes a quote from Ian Eisenberg of Uncle Ike’s in Seattle, Wa.

Dear Members of WSLCB;

I am writing you in support of homegrows and with reasons why.

We are not the same Washington State of 2012, we now have a structured system and need to work with it to create real legalization for a plant that has nothing wrong but exist.

Homegrows are an essential part of legalization, for the betterment of the consumers and the general public; the better understanding one has of cannabis, the better one can make a choice goes when it comes to personal preferences and the law.

The question for homegrow should not be if it should or shouldn’t exist, it should be plant limits or canopy size.

We are not the same Washington from when legalization happened. I reached out to Ian Eisenberg of Uncle Ike’s, and he gave me this quote in support of homegrow “Uncle Ike’s is in strong support of a well regulated and thought out home grow bill in Washington State. It doesn’t make sense that residents are not allowed to grow a limited number of plants for personal use. Homebrew is allowed with alcohol and hobbyists enjoy the privilege without any ill effects on society.” Whole Foods isn’t afraid of my garden; Uncle Ike’s isn’t afraid of homegrow, let us not fear the reefer.

There’s a moral common sense here, as a Washingtonian and American I feel that our legalization is behind the justice curve. I’m not asking anarchy here, I’m asking for common sense. The kind of common sense that has brought us the safe and just Washington I know and believe in.

Social justice and decriminalization was a big selling point for Washington’s I502 legislation passing. Crime reduction was a part of that, but instead of having legal access to cannabis like tomatoes, we created new criminals. Ones that was never criminal (except under Federal rule) in Washington until I502.

No matter what one does, the federal government will always be a looming threat, that is until Congress, and the rest of America can join us in the present instead of being stuck in 1940, fearing things like cannabis legalization, sexuality equality, and a women’s right to her body.

Its up to you to help bring Washington up with the rest of the legalization pack. Washington is the only legal State (including Washington, D.C) that does not have homegrow. Citing fear from things like the Cole Memo or hearsay by people from other states is not what policy should be based on, a homegrow study should be done promptly.

If Washington allows homegrow, this would be another product that will be offered in shops from seeds to clones; business will be booming.

In the end, homegrows won’t hurt recreational or Washington; it will be better. Better for the consumers, better for the general public as we go forward in a new world where common sense and good judgment are the basis for justice.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Miguel Mulholland

U.S Navy Veteran and Concern Citizen

Let the WSLCB hear your voice heard and send them an email or show up to give a 3-minute testimony in Olympia, the time you find could make a difference.

Email statements to;

[email protected] or to [email protected]

You can also contact Washington State activist John Kingsbury at [email protected] for questions on what you can do.

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